May 7, 2016 – Super Power Rising Within

dandelion-950747_1280SUN TRINE PLUTO [6:03 am pdt/ 7:03 am mdt/ 8:03 am cdt/ 9:03 am edt] today is a power aspect for each of us–to reclaim–any lost power–or even long-lost earth-power, sun power and elemental power that we are now touching, is rising in this earth-based NEW MOON cycle as of yesterday afternoon.

The NEW MOON in Taurus with all the retrograde planets is RECLAIMING all kinds of things that need reclaiming. This is the cycle–this is a time of reclaiming lost parts of self! After the big purifications we’ve been in, now its time to fill up on our own power, rising.

In this NEW MOON energy–its Seed planting time! Time to plant the seeds of dreams in fertile earth-based soil.seeds-1132791_1280

MOON is in the VOID between Taurus and Gemini this morning until [9:34 am pdt/ 10:34 am mdt/ 11:34 am cdt/ 12:34 pm edt] and the light-airy energy is flying around. Wind, mind and old friends (as Gemini’s planet, Mercury is RETROGRADE) so meetings with old friends and old stories, old laughter, and old thorns removed to be replaced with blooming flowers from rich past soil.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS tonight [7:34 pm pdt/ 8:34 pm mdt/ 9:34 pm cdt/ 10:34 pm edt] is an activity aspect. We are challenged to activate, awaken, dance, sing, rise! Mars, is calling us out. Its time to MOVE! This movement is within and without. We are called into LIFE!!

May you jump up and live!

sun-flower-1195671_1280Authors Note: I am happy to say that I did ceremony today with Grandmother Flordemayo–planting seeds for the children of the future and for the children of the light. Ceremony makes everything better! Now in Santa Fe, we are still heading toward a new unknown home base. If you have any insight into our new location, or any suggestions (wolf friendly)–please contact me!

Thank You for every donation. There is “just enough,” each day. I’m so grateful. And we do still need donations–for the new wolf sanctuary location. If you would like to contribute any amount you may click HERE!