May 6, 2015 – HAPPY NEW MOON in Taurus! ~ Reclaiming innocence, wonder, sweetness and sensuality

WindowNightSkySunriseDanwPyramids0This NEW MOON is surrounded by Retrograde planets, spurring us to find resolutions, resurrections, and renewels of lost jewels.

NEW MOON takes place [at 12:29 pm pdt/ 1:29 pm mdt/ 2:29 pm cdt/ 3:29 pm edt] in the afternoon.
There is outer planet support, along with the retro-resolution-finder in this female-focused New Moon cycle beginning.

THE BIG RIVER~NEPTUNE is SEXTILE the waning dark MOON [at 4:32 am pdt/ 5:32 am mdt/ 6:32 am cdt 7:32 am edt] for a big empty of emotional anything clouding a clear feminine vessel. (at the last exhale before the New Moon–this morning).

MOON TRINE JUPITER [7:06 am pdt/ 8:06 am mdt/ 9:06 am cdt/ 10:06 am edt] is eye-940641_1280an aspect of abundance and expansion–still in the mysterious dark-moon-morning. We are expanding this morning–beyond the capacity we may think we can manage!!

NEW MOON takes place in the middle of the day ~ in between a MOON TRINE JUPITER and a MOON TRINE PLUTO! This Grand Earth Trine, Taurus to Capricorn to Virgo, is an empowerment for each one of us in our way of holding power and authority in our bodies and beings. To have a GRAND EARTH TRINE at the NEW MOON is a wonderful cycle for our small personal work, our small economic landscape, and our little inner worker, manifester, and organizer in the earth plane!

gratitude-1201945_1280Due to the retrogrades, there is a “reclaiming” energy involved. What and how have you lost power, grace, or dignity in your life? It is time to restore it now. This lunar cycle is a cycle in which we can restore grace, dignity, lost parts of ourselves, and as well to restore innocence, trust and our inner divine natures as they creativily express and respond to every situation.

FRESH NEW MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [7:10 pm pdt/ 8:10 pm mdt/ 9:10 pm cdt/ 10:10 pm edt] is a personal communications key. We have the power to communicate as a key to opening anything that needs opening.

This MERCURY RETROGRADE in Taurus, as it contacts this NEW MOON, is heading toward VENUS in Taurus. This creative inner feminine magnification is a gift that is just beginning to share its jewels and beauty, to us and through us! May we be blessed inside and out!

DoWhatYouLoveMay we touch ourselves in tender self love–the kind that knows the creativity that comes out of loving something is precious. May we return to innocence, to the places we love, and the finger projects we love. May we sing and grunt like a bull until our expression is cleaned of old stuck emotions. NEPTUNE–the river, is washing the old stuck emotions away, as we are resolving and reclaiming old lost bits of innocence, and touch.

. . . . .

Happy New Moon in the sign of feminine innocence and returning!
. . . . . .

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