May 5, 2016 – Dark Moon Empty – Peaceful Re-alignment

woman-1185805_1280Today is the last day of the lunar cycle we are finishing that began with a New Moon in Aries. Tomorrow, the New Moon, for the New Cycle is at [12:29 pm pdt/ 1:29 pm mdt/ 2:29 pm cdt/ 3:29 pm edt].

VENUS and MARS INCONJUNCT this morning [7:11 am pdt/ 8:11 am mdt/ 9:11 am cdt/ 10:11 am edt] is an awkward moment between masculine and feminine. Our inner receptive one and our inner active one are re-aligning, from awkward to spring renewal.

MOON enters Taurus, the sign of our New Moon tomorrow, at [10:10 am pdt/ 11:10 am mdt/ 12:10 pm cdt/ 1:10 pm edt]. This is one of the most innocent moons. It is our inner child that loves to touch, taste, and frolic in nature, feet in the dirt, hands touching dandelions.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [10:12 pm pdt/ 11:12 pm mdt/ 12:12 am cdt/ 1:12 am edt] is a creative dose of self-loving tenderness in the very end rest time of the ending lunar cycle. What is gentle, subtle and calling us from within. Our creative self is calling us to connect and unfold it. dandelion-99394_1280This is also a feminine contact with the feminine. A circle of feminine grace within.

May we release and “let go,” as the energy of this cycle comes all the way down to rest. May we too rest and relax for a moment of resetting.

. . . . . . . . . . .

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