May 3, 2016 – Creative Abundance & Fiery Action in the downhill let go

runners-373099_1280SUN TRINE JUPITER begins the abundance of the day even before we awaken. [12:58 am pdt/ 1:58 am mdt/ 2:58 am cdt/ 3:58 am edt] From the darker side of the MOON, where darker emotions and insecurities are left to show their questions and implorings. Amidst these darker feelings, there is this pure untainted, unaffected grace, that is never insecure, never falters, and never releases its abundant life-giving presence of upliftment. JUPITER will never leave  us, we always have this spirit of upliftment and “rising” like dough to ride. Today–our creativity is lifted, by Jupiter, may we flourish our creative spirit!

MOON is VOID this morning until entering Aries [at 10:04 am pdt/ 11:04 am mdt/ 12:04 pm cdt/ 1:04 pm edt] With all the retrogrades in Taurus, where there can be “resistance to change,” or “holding on,” to the old field of plenty, its good to add some fire in–to lighten things up, lion-cub-580906_1280allow for more humor and a letting go into a greater miracle and a greater flow of right relationship.  We are the leaders and instigators of the new world. This Aries MOON will likely have our attention on the political campaign of potential leaders, and more authentically, we each have leadership within us, now rising to speak and be in its place here. There is a great shift and it is just at the tip of the iceberg of shift. We have a long way to go in the journey. We need this aries fiesty force, to overcome the entropy of the past thousands of years of old world thinking embedded in stone and brain.

printer-38027_1280MOON TRINE MARS [9:43 pm pdt/ 10:43 pm mdt/ 11:43 pm cdt/ 12:43 am edt] offers more fire late at night. This is one of those good late night creative nights for writers, painters and artists of all kinds! Even though its a Tuesday night, its a good night for dancing or praying while jumping up and down!  May the source of inner fire flower into beautiful actions today and tomorrow!

Tomorrow Fiery MOON hits the invisible miracle-maker URANUS, of spontaneous change and bright lightning like awakenings.

May we join the creative fire and avoid any struggle, fighting or misuse of fire energy.  May we use our inner fire, to burn through our own ancient resistance to authentically good change.

. . . . . . .

chinese-GRACEAuthor’s Update: We are having some techy issues with the “IndieGogo,” for the fundraiser for the wolves–also called “Generosity,” campaign. Meanwhile we have found one temporary place after another, where I can manage the whole pack in a funny wire leash system for now. We are so grateful to this unfolding of grace (all along the way each day)–especially once we arrived in New Mexico!!! . . . . and the people who are supporting our journey as a whole integrated pack of spokes-wolves. We do still need more support!!! (Please!–small amounts help in big ways right now!!)  YOU CAN DONATE HERE (CLICK) I am grounded enough to do readings again also–so anyone who wanted a reading when I was not able to give one–is welcome to contact me now–I have a little bit of availability!

We are learning so much together on all sides. We look forward to sharing many of the little stories along the way! We still need your support! We are at the end of our resources to now and any contributions assist us to feed the wolves and keep going until we land at a more permanent location. We have found another “temporary” place, so that the $10,000 to move in, is not as urgent as it was before, now what is urgent is just smaller amounts of money to keep feeding and caring for the pack and those who host us!

SOUL BLUE PRINT UPDATE: eye-462267_1280In the rapid eviction process the soul blue print documents and files have ended up in storage in Boulder. I did retrieve the student manual I have been writing for students–it made it with me–so that will still come out very soon.  All other projects have ended up in storage in the crazy move, to be retrieved later. Soul Blue Prints can resume in June or July after I have landed! Thank You to any Soul Blue Print people waiting–for your patience–I will reward you with extra’s–whatever you want that I can give!
If you would like to Pre-Pay for a Soul Blue Print, so you are in the mix to receive first, CLICK HERE and donate 80-150.  Mention SOUL BLUE PRINT somewhere in the payment and I will send you the intro information to get started on your side. Your Soul Blue Print Reading will arrive in June or July.

aButterflyRitualPrayers for a transformation that integrates all petals, our shadow and our light, into beauty!