May 2, 2016 – Big River, Low Energy, Surrender . . .

LynxSnowRiver-orBobcatMOON is in the sign of the river of the divine within us (Pisces). MOON CONJUNCTS BIG RIVER NEPTUNE in Big Water Pisces [3:23 am pdt/ 4:23 am mdt/ 5:23 am cdt/ 6:23 am edt]. There is a spring within, that contains spirit, wisdom and spiritual “presence, knowing and wonder”(or something beyond words like that). This place of spiritual knowledge, wonder and presence is with us today able to BE with the BIG RIVER under us. THIS BIG RIVER is the one that is invisible to our egoic “small mind,” however flows under our lives, somehow guiding “what happens,” . . . . before us. On a deeper level, “we know.”

SUN SEXTILE MOON [4:59 am pdt/ 5:59 am mdt/ 6:59 am cdt/ 7:59 am edt] (more elvis)–now with a male and a female singing together! —{for reference to this read yesterday’s blog post!} ~ couple-168191_1280Oh those days when Masculine and Feminine can work in harmony, even as the energy gets lower and lower, some may need to sleep, some may need to complain, some may need to take a long bath and relax. A cup of tea–the moon is waning toward the Deep Dark Moon point on May 5th: (Thursday).  Today there is harmony and a nice creative exchange for the betterment of all of life, in the Big River, flowing under all that we cannot see.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [6:23 am pdt/ 7:23 am mdt/ 8:23 am cdt/ 9:23 am edt] is an expansion of our comfort zone right at dawn. Pisces and Virgo are a place of details and expanding our abilities in an area that involves the bridge between the spirit world and matter. (the spiritual flow of the great river of life that guides, nourishes and exists ever–alwasy–just a soul’s reach away, versus the administration of this human social world). We are stretching and learning, sunset-BridgeOverexpanding our reach and our ability to bridge these two worlds of “matter,” and its details (Virgo)–and “Spirit” and its fluidity, (Pisces).

MOON SQUARE SATURN [9:39 am pdt/ 10:39 am mdt/ 11:39 am cdt/ 12:39 pm edt] is a retrograde work to home tension point. True spiritual home is a place we repeatedly return to! When we are not feeling “at home,” it is a crux of change, a corner of dialogue between the physical world herself and our walking  being on earth, seeking its true spiritual home. The conversation is important along the way to each fulfillment. Even the challenges matter in the transition from lead to gold.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [1:17 pm pdt/ 2:17 pm mdt/ 3:17 pm cdt/ 4:17 pm edt] is a powerful gift from the earth to our small self. The self that asks questions and doesn’t understand “what may be happening;” in that big invisible river. Here we have a “moment of truth,” an act of grace, or power or physical world support that we may or may not expect. As beings of the earth, we will be graced (if we waterfall-768537_1280can allow this)–like it or not. We are loved by the fabric of life, beyond the human limitations in consciousness, “the fabric of life,” loves us, and eventually that comes through–especially on a day like today! May you feel loved by the fabric of life all around you!

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY late this evening [10:08 pm pdt/ 11:08 pm mdt/ 12:08 pm cdt/ 1:08 pm edt] offers the magic tongue. Our words, our fingers, . . . like monkeys, with the added “kidden keys to the mysteries of life,” we are able to communicate our needs to both other humans, and the fabric of life. Mercury–even in Retrograde–is our ally, when in an aspect that is a magical landscape-982178_1280support to our deep inner home. The MOON is our deep inner home inside. We all have our MOON within, with us everywhere we go, within.

In this Retrograde Season, [FIVE planets on the RETROGRADE] it is a high place that can see the “larger circular magic,” the small gifts of wonder in the “hang-ups that retrogrades bring,” the completions that were so karmicly tied to our soul, the cycles of returning, to something we love. The returns we didn’t know we had coming–that appear like a sunrise or a sunset, like an act of wonder.
. . . . .

“Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom.
  bald-eagle-1150728_1280How do they learn it?
 They fall and falling,
they’re given wings.”

. . . . . .
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