May 1, 2016 – You and Elvis Presley Take Action on Your Dreams – Its Beltane!

MayPoleHappy Beltane! This is the ancient holy day when men and women run into the fields to free their vital living spirit, to run “off the fog of winter,” and come into the life force of spring, fill our bodies with it and allow it to guide us to “run into,” the one who will be our best match for the coming cycle of creation. As midwives of our dreams, on this day it is an ancient tradition to align with partnership, spontaneously, guidedly, from the pure unknown angel-1004111_1280potential of “all that is,” we open.

SUN in Taurus is at the degree to SEXTILE NEPTUNE in Pisces [5 am pdt/ 6 am mdt/ 7 am cdt/ 8 am edt] and we are into an Elvis kind of energy today. He had both Pisces and Taurus in him and he knew that the best way to divinely express those energies was to sing! This is a day to sing your heart out! To sing to the divine! Sing like birds making colorful displays to the opposite sex, not because elvis-937614_1280they thought about it, but because life came through them and that is just what they do with all that life force. What do you do when you come alive?

MOON enters the innocent water sign of Pisces [7:33 am pdt/ 8:33 am mdt/ 9:33 am cdt/ 10:33 am edt] bringing us even closer to Elvis and anyone who sings their heart out, innocently and purely. In “Jailhouse Rock,” we are reminded its time to “Get out of our Jail,” and go sing.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [11:16 am pdt/ 12:16 pm mdt/ 1:16 pm cdt/ 2:16 pm edt] offers a true kiss of inner creative self-love. We are here to “sing our hearts out photographer-FrogBarbiesinglike Elvis,” in whatever it is that singing was for him! He loved to sing, it was his nature with that Taurus and Pisces in him and it is also Our Nature! Today! To Sing our Heart Out!

MOON SQUARE MARS–Retrograde:  [8:35 pm pdt/ 9:35 mdt/ 10:35 cdt/ 11:35 edt] later tonight is an action tension aspect. Although the energy is getting lower, heading toward more inner quiet and rest, in the last quarter, we are called to act. BirdSingingWe know what we must do today. It is good to act today before this tension aspect, so by the time it hits late tonight, we are either dancing, singing, hiking a mountain in the misty night, or we have already exhausted our active self in honor of this Mars Square–it wants Action! Its time to run in the field, before late night!  Since Mars is Retrograde, its good to visit an old familiar field!  This is a good window of time in which to re-play or renew our play, with old friends.

MERCURY, PLUTO, JUPITER, SATURN and MARS are all RETROGRADE at this time. bull-moose-957794_1280We are renewing many areas of stagnation and stuffiness with new life, going back to root out anywhere we fell asleep or died and replace it with life. We are on the journey of renewal, and a great harvest of heart coming.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

for-you-1002136_1280  Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams, Instead, Sing!

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