April 29, 2016 – Venus into Taurus Forward, Mercury in Taurus Retro

If all the sudden, beginning on Friday, you began PinkRetroPyramidcar-808372_1280to feel this “spirit of retro,” and wanted to paint your car pink and put big silver bumpers on it, or shine your shoes til they glow or put on a vintage dress, it could be the “spirit of retro,” has entered the aesthetical field of style and art with Venus entering Taurus while Mercury is Retrograding there, in our field of plenty.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [12:07 am pst/ 1:07 am mst/ 2:07 am cst/ 3:07 am est] is a love corner and a tension in the field to cross, like a rite of passage from one part of the cycle to the other. We cross a gate of a test as we step down to the lower energy, more restful release part of the lunar cycle just past the Eclipse Shake Up and Wake Up Points the cycle before. We are catharting and changing still, as a result of that Shake Up-Wake up, and this corner is small compared to what we’ve been through recently!

MOON enters Aquarius, before it hits dawn on the day after Mercury stops to Stationary Retrograde–an often wallaballoo, mix up spiral day! A day when the alchemy of Mercury Retrograde shows up and becomes clear, it begins our three week humorous dialogue with universal intelligence reshaping us, with innocence play and our favorite foods!

MOON in Aquarius has a cool even-tempered way of working with change. Its the part of us that likes change because anything else is just too boring. And change can be really colorful and with great humor. With an Aquarian mindset, we can calculate the next wave of change, and structure everything in order to prepare for the next “wave of chaos/change,” as here it comes! In these times, chaos bits are flying around to awaken the collective. brooms-1294961_1280They come through people events and our own inner fabric’s responses to authentic movements we need from within to without. We are moving and changing each other.

MOON SEXTILE MARS [4:19 pm pst/ 5:19 mst/ 6:19 cst/ 7:19 est] is a home based action whoopie. We can act and excersize, do yoga indoors or out, and spring cleaning is given grunge and feet.

VENUS enters Taurus today [5:35 pm pst/ 6:35 pm mst/ 7:35 pm cst/ 8:35 pm est] in the earth sign of bodies and grassy hillsides that are round, flowers and the flowering of within, we are called to the inner innocence of our own art. We are all artists within and that is the innocent self that loves to create our own form of art! This is the beginning of Venus transiting through Taurus in a way as to join the magical Mercury Retrograde cycle and “remind us of our innocent artist within,” . . . . this one loves color, sculpture, texture, taste, and touching life with our essential nature. This essential nature of each of us comes especially through our own unique form of art, and life as art, each day’s outfit as art, each smile, each presence with another, each painting, and the ultimate return of any soulful art we may have left behind–this may still be coming–as Venus stops toward a conjunction with MERCURY RETROGRADING, as she enters the earth foot sign.

MERCURY and VENUS will CONJUNCT on Friday May 13th~! WhiteFlowerforest-811352_1280How auspicious, as the planetary conversation often is,” that these two female-loving planets, one from the point of view of the crossing of male and female and the other from the point of revering the feminine–as these two alchemists meet on an ancient day of feminine power as well as feminine misuse of power, there is an alchemy to resurrect, and reveal, the beauty of the innocent pure Rising Feminine Power.

SUN SQUARE MOON: [8:29 pm pst/ 9:29 mst/ 10:29 cst/ 11:29 est] stepping down ~ Preparing for The Great Flowering! In the center of our hearts lives a pure place of longing that is as pure as the innocence of the first breath of life. We all long to live a dream of fulfillment, to flower into our fullest, to paint, write, act, spin, weave, perform, or show up for our soul’s enactments here, that balance the whole.  As Venus has entered Taurus and flowers its way one green vein at a time to fulfillment, it prepares to meet peony-800109_1280MERCURY RETROGRADING. As the two prepare to meet within us, there is a Great Returning occurring within. There is an ancient seed awakening. A flower unfurling. The soil of our being is fertile with life and we are its form. What shall we flower, from the deepest old longings of our soul, in the new tilled soil in which we stand now, what shall we create from our innocent heart’s core soul longings? It is time now. They are stirred like bees buzzing within us. May we honor our own honey and share it, taste it and revel in its mixtures with other’s pleasures. We are at home in the soil of our own unique creative essence–may we play here.

flower-659216_1280All the Hemispheres
Leave the familiar for a while.
Let your senses and bodies stretch out

Like a welcomed season
Onto the meadow and shores and hills.

Open up to the Roof.
Make a new watermark on your excitement
And love.

Like a blooming night flower,fairy-tale-NightFlowerGirl
Bestow your vital fragrance of happiness
And giving
Upon our intimate assembly.

Change rooms in your mind for a day.
All the hemispheres in existence
Lie beside an equator
In your heart.

SpiralFaeryGalaxyGreet Yourself
In your thousand other forms
As you mount the hidden tide and travel
Back home.

All the hemispheres in heaven
Are sitting around a fire
While stitching themselves together

Into the Great Circle inside of


May 28, 2016 – MERCURY RETROGRADE in TAURUS ~ Springtime Circles

This MERCURY RETROGRADE CYCLE, arrows-539917_1280beginning : Thursday April 28th at [10:20 am pst/ 11:20 am mst/ 12:20 pm cst/ 1:20 pm est] (visibly) in the sky from Earth’s perspective, starts a 3 week period of reflection, renewal, regurgitation, recycling, retrospective, returning, and re-entering our own feet, our own ground and our own Taurian nature.

If we have “forgotten our true innocent selves,” or been in circles around our own inner flowering, this Mercury Retrograde cycle is a time to reflect and return to our own roots, our own soil and our own “stuff, that we love.”  It is within all of our nature’s to “bear a burden,” that is ours, or a cross to bear, like these Bulls. We choose our work, our possessions, our grassy field in which to chew grass. It is our Taurian nature of innocent food and drink, feet in the soil, garden building and circling around the “cross that we bear,” with out “stuff,” in bull-866360_1280the realm of Taurus this may be a lot of physical stuff as well as other kinds of “stuff” attached to the physical stuff. We go in circles to come back to where we began.

MERCURY RETROGRADE is not just here to “get in our way,” lose appointments and cause us to chase our tails into the past to find lost and buried treasures, re-united guests and physical world stuff – full circles, it is also in our lives to create a deep alchemy inside of us that is usually “just in time,” or much needed.  With Mercury Retrograding in Taurus, it is reminding us–in case we forgot–in one way or another that “we are physical beings,” with a physical nature that needs to be supported, and yet that support comes gracefully to us when we are standing in our “right field.” The field of grace is our “right field.” doberman-1177955_1280

In Taurus : Mercury is here to “remind us of our innocence,” of the place where we trust our feet, our purest desires and our physical presence here, in all the ways that manifests. There are things we need to clear out, in this “spring cleaning retrograde,” and things we need to reconnect with because they are part of our path. Although we may “reform them,” we are physical beings and our “physical stuff,” is symbolic of our art here, our essence here and our input to the sphere of earth at this time.tulips-175596_1280

April 26, 2015 – Crossing into More and More Magical Territory – Just Pre-Mercury-Retrograde ~

rewind-27919_1280With the Summer Retrograde Season, including the most Powerful Pluto Retrograding now, we are looking toward MERCURY RETROGRADE on April 28th, when it will SLOW ITSELF SILLY, appearing from our earth to “stop,” and go backward, in our zodiacal sky of degrees.  May we not forget that Mercury is all about humor and the grace of circles, spirals and returning. If we forgot, we will be reminded in this time, in the next few weeks of spiralling into Mercury Retrograde’s trickster cycle.

Today and Tomorrow are the last two days pre-Mercury Retrograde to take care of logistics before the ultimately magical time, when “normal reality,” is not so rooted, and “magical reality,” begins to take wings and spiral into our paradigm. Mercury Retrograde is a paradigm shifting time, when the mind of humanity is more open to changing including opening to new avenues.

We’ve already started spiralling down into Mercury’s spiralling, as we often turn-730523_1280feel it 3 weeks before! Now 2 days before it stops, we can REALLY feel it!! May we remember to laugh!

Today MOON in Sagittarius TRINES URANUS in Aries, [12:06 am pst/ 1:06 am mst/ 2:06 am cst/ 3:06 am est] a fiery contact of personal home and personal emotion with fiery creativity, and the potential for expanded “miracle consciousness.”

With the Sagittarian reference of Jupiter now in Virgo, our far-reaching dreams can ground, by “dreaming big,” then “taking care of details.”

MOON TRINE VENUS, [8:51 am pst/ 9:51 am mst/ 10:51 am cst/ 11:51 am est] is a reverse-light-634527_1280sweet loving contact of creative joy, and common beauty, sending the MOON and day into the VOID. This is a creative VOID, reminscent of MERCURY RETROGRADE-ish CELEBRATIONs coming.

Its best to get important work done before the VOID in the early morning (before 8:30 am pst/9:30 am mst/ 10:30 am cst/ 11:30 am est]. After that–its a slippery strange magical portal of creativity!

MOON enters grounded builder Capricorn this evening, leaving the slippery VOID for more solid territory. [4:54 pm pst/ 5:54 pm mst/ 6:54 pm cst/ 7:54 pm est].

Whether we are climbing a real mountain or we are building toward a grounded dream, Capricorn Moon is our friend as we construct in 3-D. mountain-goat-1323656_1280SUN TRINE MOON tomorrow is a harmony of sunshine for our gardens to grow. Even as Mercury slows and the trickster grows, we are able to have stable footing like a goat on a mountain-side-tomorrow.

. . . . . . . .

Like a goat ~ may we know our footing even in the retrograde season, even in the shake-ups of eclipse season, fading now, for the summer season.

. . . . . . .

Blessings to your Goat-Feet! and Foot-work!

April 21, 2016 – HAPPY Scorpio FULL MOON of Power, Focus and Boundaries for Beauty

moon-182145_1280MOON is VOID in a portal all day today between Libra and Scorpio. We are in-between worlds of partnership power to focusing that power into a catharsis, a revolution, or an ignigting of co-soul-journey-work.

In Libra–we “get together,” and work out what this partnering does.

In Scorpio, we create the ultimate in life-experience. We designate “boundaries for beauty.” In this place of “boundaries for beauty,” we focus and create the “space,” for our soulwork. How do we make the right boundaries for beauty? Too much is suffocating and deadening, and not enough is scattered and unfocused.

colorful-1325222_1280Just the right discipline, the right focus of attention, and the appropriate space, creates “boundaries for the beauty” in our life, and this is Scorpio’s favorite roll. The eagle–(Scorpio’s higher self animal) fly’s high up to the mountain top to his nest–away from another living creature, high above the chaos of the lower world. While in the lower world, we may feel our Scorpion animal self there, ready to battle, sting, kill or betray anything that is not in alignment with this higher eagle’s nest.

MOON enters the FULL MOON sign [at 5:17 pm pst/ 6:17 pm mst/ 7:17 pm cst/ 8:17 pm est] – This evening is the Fullest Moon Night all year. In Scorpio, we light up our Power uses, misuses and starlit re-muses. Creativity is the solution-maker for Scorpio’s death/shadow tendency. Our penetrating ability to focus into what is required in our life and soulwork, is the true Scorpio Power that we find in this Full Moon Catharsis!

FULL MOON takes place late tonight. [at 10:23 pm pst/ 11:23 pm mst/ 12:23 am/late night, cst/ 1:23 am est]

This FULL MOON comes when there is a LOVE REVOLUTION brewing! VENUS CONJUNCT URANUS tomorrow is a fiery Love Breakthrough energy!

May we use our ultimate power, (our focus and attention)–clouds-862354_1280with skill, while Scorpio pours on the potentials. Scorpio is the one who scours the underworld looking for “clue” to the Love Revolution coming!

May this FULL MOON light up misuses of power so they can be purified. May we be potent, powerful and focus our attention in ways that “boundary us,” for the beauty we create in the world!

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April 20, 2016 – Comfort Zone Shift, Love Revolution, FULL MOON tomorrow night

MOON is in Libra as of yesterday early morning. We are working it out with our partnership people.

socorro-mission-1091457_1280MOON SEXTILE SATURN [12:32 pm pst/ 1:32 pm mst/ 2:32 pm cst/ 3:32 pm est] reminds us of our ability to feel our core, and the entrustment of our feet on the earth. The physical world loves us. Even Saturn loves us today–in the midst of this inner revolution!

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [3:52 pm pst/ 4:52 pm mst/ 5:52 pm cst/ 6:52 pm est] is a “come to the soul,” moment. Our deepest work happens when we are confronted with something out of the ordinary, or even life-threatening. These are the tensions that invoke soulwork.

web-773673_1280MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [6:54 pm pst/ 7:54 pm mst/ 8:54 pm cst/ 9:54 pm est] is a personal feminine love truth. What is true of our heart and our love? It is revealed in the pushes and pulls, the challenges and things that “stir us,” are the things that “call us,” to life! We are called to BE CREATIVE in the face of any challenge. This is a call to create something new. A FULL VENUS just before the FULL MOON tomorrow night.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [11:13 pm pst/ 12:13 am late night mst/ 1:13 am cst/ 2:13 am est] is our inner revolution cue. If we haven’t come out of the cocoon yet as the butterfly, this aspect says, “time to birth,” time to be free of the process of birthing and fly in our new skin soon! Here’s a clue late tonight or in our sleep, as to what we truly need to be free.doorway-981803_1280

MOON goes into the VOID for the rest of the night, including tomorrow: a FULL MOON VOID heading into Scorpio, MOON is VOID all day tomorrow (slippery and a portal of a Scorpio kind). MOON enters Scorpio, from the VOID between Libra and Scorpio–tomorrow evening [at 5:17 pm pst/ 6:17 mst/ 7:17 cst/ 8:17 est]

FULL MOON takes place tomorrow night in Scorpio (the sign of POWER) at [10:23 pm pst/ 11:23 pm mst/ 12:23 am late night cst/ 1:23 am est]. This FULL MOON is all about our power–and power in general and how we use power here. adobe-1034650_1280Power can be used to hurt or heal, to build or destroy. We are learning what it is to be alive and have power and how we can “misuse” this power.

Scorpio and Pluto are also the soul–the purest form of power here. So we are today rising into the FULL MOON of knowing our own soul work. The energy is rising into its most fruitful time this cycle! If we have any question as to “what we are doing here?” We can look to this FULL MOON to reveal a summary of our soulwork.


May we commit to our soul and the future of its fulfillment and joy through this body-vehicle we’ve been given to do just that!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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