April 18, 2016 – PLUTO Stationary RETROGRADE – More Soul Deep Reversal

MOON SQUARE SATURN [12:04 am pst/ 1:04 am mst/ 2:04 am cst/ 3:04 am est] is a corner of responsible tension on the inner path–in dreamtime–working it out.

stairs-Heaven-HellPLUTO STATIONS to go RETROGRADE (pre-dawn) – [12:26 am pst/ 1:26 am mst/ 2:26 am cst/ 3:26 am est] making it a deep Soul-fishing day. PLUTO can be a deep shadow indicator, clearing shadow, and going to the depths of our power and powerlessness issues. The Retrograde will go from today through September 26th. Today is the beginning of a long deep re-consideration of our Soul’s journey and why we came here.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [at 3:09 am pst/ 4:09 am mst/ 5:09 am cst/ 6:09 am est] is a soft touch of the transformation afoot. Our inner core is strong and the power shift is aligning us more deeply to our true path here.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [5:29 am pst/ 6:29 am mst/ 7:29 am cst/ 8:29 am est] This communications aspect sends the MOON into the VOID for the rest of the PLUTO station day. VOID’s are magic portals of shifting slippery energy.

VENUS TRINE SATURN [7:37 am pst/ 8:37 am mst/ 9:37 am cst/ 10:37 am est] is a gift of abundant earth-based good support.

This is on of those mythic days in our lives, when the PLUTO station/direction shift, that speaks of our soulwork, is surrounded by a particular kind of “real world grace.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Author’s Note: This blog was written on the morning of a resentful eviction by an ex-partner who had hosted my wolf project for a short time. I had “almost” hit publish, when the chaos started to ensue and sheriffs were about to arrive to escort us to the snowy street–if we hadn’t left before that. I’m sorry I didn’t get to publish this for you, because it was written! I just got interrupted before hitting send! That is the beauty and learning of PLUTO RETROGRADE. We must stop and go back and do it again sometimes. And in the process I realize how valuable this is to me to share these with you and how disappointed I am when I fail to get it out due to my other soulwork!

I think that my ex-partner made it as difficult as he could for me to maintain any grounding or non-chaos. I’m so sad about this, not just for my own situation, but that this is how we are with each other–humanity. I believe we are here to work together and to support each other’s visions and dreams. I don’t believe in what has just happened as a way for people to be together. So it is my soul work to observe and be with this discrepancy of heart.

I noticed my ex seemed to enjoy the process and I wonder about this nature of human heart that wants to see others suffer? So the story is not over yet because we still have a court case related to the whole situation, that is incomplete. Strangely the judge gave him the ability to “kick me to the street,” and he seemed to do it in the most unkind and dramatic way he could do it, (in the middle of the biggest snow storm in winter–3 feet of snow on the ground)–knowing I had no time to pack–knowing I had nowhere to go.

This person put a lot of time and energy into carving the path to throw me in the street in chaos. I wonder what might have happened if that same amount of resource was put into collaboration and moving us to a safe place together? That is what I would have wanted that I could not have from him. Safety, grace, tolerance, the ability to move in peace. I didn’t get to have that. We are on the road now. One of my biggest disappointments is the progress I lose and the people who are waiting for their soul blue prints, and the mama who can’t nurse her puppies now.

I see in all of this experience the work that I have related to wolves. I am in transition, with my whole pack in the car as their den. Thank Goddess a beloved came to be with me and we are together, doing this together. We are using every cent that is donated to feed animals and continue to find places to be with all of us, ways to walk and run animals and ways to be safely in the world with six wolf dogs in transit. What a ride!  Whole story coming in a book and film.

Please send donations to

We are all deeply grateful for your contributions to us finding a safe place and care for the whole pack each day on the road now! We are in a secret location in New Mexico, and are not sure where we are going yet–to land. If you have a possible location where we can house a wolf project (land) in or near Colorado or New Mexico, please contact me.

Yes we are in touch with other wolf sanctuaries. They are supporting us by counseling us and have since the beginning.  No they do not want to have our animals. They all have enough on their hands!