April 12, 2016 – Home-Base Harmony with Love Task to Rise Above

house-insurance-419058_1280MOON enters the home-sign of Cancer early this morning [1:06 am pst/ 2:06 am mst/ 3:06 am cst/ 4:06 am est]. Our inner mother is strong. We are able to love ourselves and others, from our home base in our core, as well as our nourished home-based heart.

MERCURY SEXTILE NEPTUNE [2:40 am pst/ 3:40 am cst/ 4:40 am cst/ 5:40 am est] is a poetry. Our words can speak like a river. We can dance our intentions into form with music.  Prayers have roots and waterlets, outlets where dreams flow into manifestations all over the earth.

hands-718560_1280VENUS TRINE MARS [12:16 pm pst/ 1:16 mst/ 2:16 cst/ 3:16 est] is a harmony between the sexes! Hallelujah! Masculine and Feminine can link in common intention today. The opposites were meant to collaborate for creation, wisdom and communion. Today we have a taste of the future of harmonious co-creation that arises in the New Era emerging.

MOON SQUARE VENUS is a love task, or tension to “rise above.” [4:50 pm pst/ 5:50 pm mst/ 6:50 pm cst/ 7:50 pm est]. While the love square may be inner work, or outer work, between heart-buddies or between women, this is a task to meet with heart.

swan-1002943_1280MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [8:28 pm pst/ 8:28 pm mst/ 9:28 pm cst/ 10:28 pm est] is a fluid flow of love into this world. We can allow love to come in. We can allow ourselves to become softer, more open, receptive to divine grace as that is what flows through us when we allow it. It is unstoppable this tender loving divine grace. It loves THROUGH US! We are vessels of a flow of life and love into the world. May we be most radiant as this river flows through us today!

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY is a window of power for prayer. [10:35 pm pst/ 11:35 pm mst/ 12:35 pm cst/ 1:35 am late night est] This harmonious aspect between mind and flow, offers a night of magical writing, or singing, or poetry-making. This is special energy to rise in its light. We are loved by all the universe. waterfall-1247475_1280Nomatter what is happening in our lives, the grace of life is under us, asking of us, “what do you need, please tell me, I am the mother of creation and I love you!” This is the night to answer the question from the Mother of all of life: “What do you need my child?” Please tell me tonight, I am listening.

The MOON cycle energy is RISING, toward the FULL MOON on Thursday April 21. This will be a FULL MOON in Scorpio. This will be a reflection of our absolute use of power. Where do we feel powerless? In these days: as the MOON RISES TOWARD FULL, we can invite our pure power of pure heart in. We can rise above all powerlessness with the power of our love of life, our love of ourselves, and our love of what we are rising into. We are rising into a new world, a new summer of creation, a new way of seeing and being. It is not easy to change from one perceptive way to another and we can do it!

heart-1192662_1280May we rise, guided by love, infused by the wisdom of the Divine Heart.