April 8, 2016 – Stepping into the Fresh New Earth Energy

stag-768568_1280The Fresh New Moon was yesterday [at 4:24 am pst/ 5:24 am mst/ 6:24 am cst/ 7:24 am est] in Aries. This is the fiesty new lovers moon of springtime. This is the emergence of the Spring Equinox time we did not have earlier because we were purging shadow and fear from the past.

Now we are in a new fresh energy, and we’ve purged and released layers and layers of fear and density that were sitting in our cellular and consciousness matrix. Now we are freer and clearer as a result of the clearings supercell-139398_1280of the past eclipse cycle. A lot has likely changed and yet the things that are solid beyond the purification, are still strong, under it all.

MOON entered dirt-loving greens-loving-Taurus late last night. flat-leaf-parsley-223083_1280This morning the Taurus MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [6:41 am pst/ 7:41 am mst/ 8:41 am cst/ 9:41 am est] is a hands in the dirt and communications to the pavement kind of aspect. We are like a mycelial web of consciousness, passing on the messages back and forth to each other that will bring us the New Earth, now that we are heading into the New Creation Mode. Today is vision board heaven!  Clear intentions are the way we personally guide all this new creation energy!

 MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [4:26 pm pst/ 5:26 pm mst/ 6:26 pm cst/ 7:26 pm est] is a fluid river of grace in the late afternoon and evening. Earth Moon in good sunset-801736_1280relations with the water force of nature, also in earth–in Virgo–where all the details take place.  With the details covered, life energy can flow in grace. Water can flow in grace, feelings can flow in grace, and life can flow in a syncronistic dance with what is next. Here we go!

MOON TRINE JUPITER [10:16 pm pst/ 11:16 pm mst/ 12:16 am-late night-cst/ 1:16 am est] is a big abundance aspect! Abundance is sometimes related to money and sometimes related simply to the resources that we call for to make a life of joy. The resources for our New Earth Creations are coming and today are gifted with the beginnings of this new world grace coming.

clouds-428168_1280Congratulations! You have made it through the toughest part of the Death/Shadow-Clearing Eclipse phase! You have also made it through another tight URANUS-SQUARE-PLUTO-crunch of squeezing you from old world to new! None of this pressure cooker purifier is comfortable, however now it should feel so good to have cleared all that psychic and emotional, shadow and past-life gunk (over this last two months)! We cleared enormous amounts of fear and density from ourselves and our planet! You did it! You made it through the intense rapids of our life and now you have a reprieve, new fresh energy, new creation and the celebration of the new light emerging after the density has been cleared!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Author’s Note: (Emergency Request for Assistance!:): During the eclipse, I was really afraid for my wolf project! I was under so much constant pressure, animal emergencies, dogs escaping and neighbors complaining to the court, that I was under enormous pressure from many directions at once! I was in too much constant anxiety to write. I would lie down to rest, thinking, “I’ll go write in a minute,” and fall asleep, to wake up to more emergencies! Caring for my animals took over everything else as the needs of them and the neighbors in court sky-rocketed! At this time: the animals multiplied–a beautiful expression of animal power coming in. (accidental puppies–due to non-invasive birth control experiment that failed on two females).

I received this animal power and all the resistance to it. I feel like I’ve just lived through a battle–and I have–in court and in intellect and in the battle to keep the wolves from escaping, from being impounded, from being shot, from being too demonized to survive three wolf-hating-neighbors. (The animals are incessantly curious and friendly and want to know everything around them and everyone).

I’ve learned so much and we are still here! We made it (barely). We are in a transition of location–Raising money to sustain the current and future wolf-location! Solid fencing is a necessity, wherever we are. I have a court order that if dogs escape and a neighbor makes one more complaint, I can be put in jail for 90 days! In order to prevent jail time: I have emergency angel fence-workers here today and I’m raising the money to pay them now! PLEASE SUPPORT this “Kindness to Wolves Project,” and Kuna’s Red Wolf Sanctuary Start-Up, please donate here: (Click on the Wolf)howling-1254383_1280