March 31, 2016 – Shock-wave of Independent Revolution

solar-eclipse-151211_1280Three weeks ago there was a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE that began this lunar month as an intensely shocking new vessel for change. We each are inside of our own vessel-of change now!

Coming down off of the FULL MOON ECLIPSE a week ago, we are in the cross-over today between the light and dark side. Today we cross into the dark side of the moon.

This side is an unwinding, a releasing of tension, this time is for “finally letting go,” of old tensions, old with-held shadow material, judgements and all that is being “eclipsed out,” or “eclipsed in,” via this big lunar cycle of change we are inside of now.

MOON SEXTILE NETPUNE early this morning [7am pst/ 8am mst/ 9am cst/ 10am est] reassures us that there is Grace if we “go with the flow.” There is grace and resolution coming “in the flow of life.”

SUN SQUARE MOON this morning [at 8:17 am pst/ 9:17 am mst/ 10:17 am cst/ 11:17 est] moves us into the dark side. A tension point between creative and receptive. We are balancing each other, projective and impressive are learning to dance in harmony and mutual reciprocity. Old programs are still being destroyed inside the ego-complex of the past and old-world-man in each of us!

tornado-1193184_1280MERCURY CONJUNCT URANUS [1:49 pm pst/ 2:49 pm mst/ 3:49 pm cst/ 4:49 pm est] is the aspect to cause the “shockwave of personal revolution.” When we need to, we send “smoke signals,” in an ancient native tradition, the “smoke signal is the message we send to others,” whom we hope might hear us. This is a “message to the angels” kind of day!  The kind of day when we send our own kind of “smoke signal,” in our own kind of way, to those who can hear and see, and those who know, and can respond to our message.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [3:56 pm pst/ 4:56 pm mst/ 5:56 pm cst/ 6:56 pm est] is an abundance energy. Even in the shocking changing vibes of today, there is grace and abundance “in the flow.” Surrounding this dramatic volatile mind-explosion, are two aspects of grace on either side. Home expansion and abundance open the way for new solutions and expanded potential.

olive-944832_1280MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO [7:37 pm pst/ 8:37 pm mst/ 9:37 pm cst/ 10:37 pm est] is a powerful connection in the evening to our own personal power. Each one can connect directly to our own source of personal power. We are in our transformation, shedding the old world-man-skin, and we are empowered this evening with the light of our creator in our truth, heart and soul-art.

Author’s Note: With the electrical magic, chaos and shocking messages flying around today, I didn’t get this into digital form until late–I kept being interrupted–Uranian Style! Today’s Uranian Mercurial blog was written in bits all day long interruption through interruption! It was first written on paper in a waiting room yesterday! Being written first, so all I had to do was transcribe it, it flowed out amidst the pressure of two court cases tomorrow. I’m preparing, and wrote the next three days’ blogs on paper, so I’ll transcribe them for you tonight so you’ll have the next few days soon–wow what days and times we are in! Hold on for your ride of spiritual journey life!

Woooo Hooo! Soul Cheers!