March 29, 2016 – Fiery Cauldron of Truth and Boundaries

fire-1073217_1280 MOON TRINE MERCURY [5:56 am pst/ 6:56 am mst/ 7:56 cst/ 8:56 est] ~ invites us to communicate, and balance imbalances in this fiery magical trine where “communications are key.” We are still emerging from the intense “eclipse shake up time,” so loss is still a theme of everything we are learning right now!

MOON SQUARE JUPITER, (fire to earth)–[6:55am pst/ 7:55 am mst/ 8:55 am cst/ 9:55 am est] challenges us to communicate intricate complex things of our deep heart, and our art, our dear soul work and our financial integrity.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [8:18 am pst/ 9:18 am mst/ 10:18 cst/ 11:18 am est] is the constriction boundary-tending moment of the lunar month. We are aligning our core soul integrity with our boundaries, plans and infrastructure for life today!

sunset-472981_1280MERCURY INCONJUNCT JUPITER [at 11:36 am pst/ 12:36 pm mst/ 1:36 am cst/ 2:36 am est] is a delightful expansion of humorous disconnection with something, to provide deeper connection with something else!

MOON TRINE URANUS [3:02 pm pst/ 4:02 pm mst/ 5:02 pm cst/ 6:02 pm est] can add more humor, more magic, or more shocking instant manifestation into our day!  May we understand the power of this “instant manifestation,” and re-member our intention setting acumen.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [6:55 pm pst/ 7:55 pm mst/ 8:55 pm cst/ 9:55 pm est] is a love tension, tension between two feminine printer-38027_1280energies or a fear of such a thing, a hurdle a creative challenge or a bite of life that requires our solution-making attention!

MERCURY TRINE SATURN [8:02 pm pst/ 9:02 pm mst/ 10:02 pm cst/ 11:02 pm est] is another aspect in today that reminds us that communications is the key to difficult or misunderstood situations. Often this ability we have to deeply “presence,” with what matters most and “express,” with few words and more meaning is good for a Saturn-related day!

Our words have SO MUCH POWER TODAY!! (every day, and more today!)sparkler-677774_1280