March 28, 2016 – Action in the Unknown with Invisible Eyes

drip-1048722_1280MOON CONJUNCT MARS [1:12 pm pst/ 2:12 pm mst/ 3:12 pm cst/ 4:12 pm est] this afternoon adds a “supercharge to the day,” giving us the “lights camera action,” energy, and the “will,” we need to get moving in the direction we are going.

This fiery activation is TRINE the SUN [at 5:11 pm pst/ 6:11 pm mst/ 7:11 pm cst/ 8:11 pm est]  MOON TRINE SUN links the two lights within us, male and female to dance in harmony together. This harmony is the dance of the creation of life itself and the cultivation of all that sustains life. We are both the dancers, the danced and the coreographers.

water-880462_1280MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [8:49 pm pst/ 9:49 pm mst/ 10:49 pm cst/ 11:49 pm est] offers a dip and dunk and dive, “into the unknown,” for the evening. May our feelings be as vast as the ocean as they move energy with the movements of the cos-most.

May we nourish, receive and give via the wisdom and waters of life.