March 26, 2016 – Action, Love, Flow and Power

BlackButterflyThis is quite a day of power, coming out of an Eclipse shake up.

SUN TRINE MARS [3:39 am pst/ 4:39 am mst/ 5:39 am cst/ 6:39 am est] action, action, action!

VENUS SEXTILE PLUTO is a dose of love medicine from our source of power. [4:12 am pst/ 5:12 am mst/ 6:12 am cst/ 7:12 am est] We are here to “do what we love,” today is a day to empower that from cosmic sources to and through our own heart magic power!

MOON is still in deep focused Scorpio TRINE NEPTUNE in Pisces gives us water fluidity and flow. [9:25 am pst/ 10:25 am mst/ 11:25 am cst/ 12:25 est]

adams-peak-970676_1280MOON SEXTILE JUPITER  this evening is an abundant expansive widening of self. May we open up and let more light and abundance in! [7:31 pm pst/ 8:31 pm mst/ 9:31 pm cst/ 10:31 pm est]

MOON TRINE PLUTO [10:20 pm pst/ 11:20 pm mst/ 12:20 am (late night) cst/ 1:20 am est] is the power we need to do whatever we need to do. Pluto can point to money, sex or anything that matters most to us. Tonight we have access.

May we dig in and feel, enjoy, be and apply the magic of our power to where its most needed!