March 24, 2016 – Day after Eclipse – Unstable – Mirror – Vast Release Portal Still Open –

iss-548328_1280MOON SEXTILE SATURN this early morning [7:33 am pdt/ 8:33 am mdt/ 9:33 am cdt/ 10:33 am edt] is a friendly relationship we have with a giant cycle of our larger karmic work.

In the midst of an Eclipse Purification of “old relationship karma,” specifically potentially (old past life relationship karma)–especially ways that “curses,” shadow, or bad old “relationshit” may have really been burdening us through time. SATURN is slowing down to STATION tomorrow, crow-828944_1280so this personal positive relationship with the Great ringed one is a positive relationship with the magic of Clear Intention and the Magic of Boundaries. Our Boundaries. Boundaries for the things we love.

With SATURN STATIONING to go RETROGRADE, for the summer retrograde season, setting the tone of the “letting go,” of all things that are “not of summer,” . . .

MOON SQUARE PLUTO at [9:26 am pdt/ 10:26 am mdt/ 11:26 am cdt/ 12:26 pm edt] reminds us that all this change and including the “letting go of lifetimes-long relationshit karma,” is a part of a larger phase of birds-433965_1280Death/Rebirth of Era’s that we are in. Each of us is having to let go of old ways of being that are of the old era, to welcome new ways of being for the New Era. This Eclipse will be “killing off,” all the “old ways,” with the killing off of “old bad karma patterns.” This is a time to really allow cleansing of all this old stuff, really anything and everything that has limited us in Relationships!

statue-of-liberty-539318_1280MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [1:55 pm pdt/ 2:55 pm mdt/ 3:55 pm cdt/ 4:55 pm edt] is a breakthrough and electrical miracle zap chamber in the midst of death, release and old karma cleansing.

MERCURY TRINE MARS [3:45 pm pdt/ 4:45 pm mdt/ 5:45 cdt/ 6:45 edt] offers an action and communications allyship. Although we are still in the “tight aura of the Lunar Eclipse,” and best to “wait,” and “rest,” meditate and pray rather than act externally, however as always in the Eclipse window its important for Right Action in crisis situations and action in response to all situations before us with consciousness, clear intent and heart-ful intervention of shadow agenda.

. . .. . . . .

This is a time of great change and potential chaos. Wow do we feel this in the fabric of wolf village here. A lot is afoot and changing howling-1254383_1280here! If you are curious, we are happy to share, and will have a site up with stories, photos and details about our journey, and how we need your help at this time. IF you would like to make a donation and/or ask a question click here!