March 22, 2016 – Full Eclipse VOID

fantasy-848044_1280Today–ALL DAY–is a MOON VOID.

MOON TRINE PLUTO late Monday night [8:55 pm pst/ 9:55 pm mst/ 10:55 pm cst/11:55 pm est] sent the fabric of time into a kind of VOID between the worlds, unstable period right before the Lunar Eclipse. This is a time for meditation and inward time. –It is a time of the “world in the balance,” for many people on different levels and for different reasons, where “rugs have been pulled,” things and people are a shakin and bakin, and we are needing to respond. With this Pluto Trine, all situations, nomatter how filled with tests and/or stress, all situations are personally designed to empower us with the PLUTO TRINE energy.

A VOID can be a place of rest, exploration, shifting, and “no-time.”

The VOID is a time of NO ASPECTs, and slippery time that slides between

MOON enters the sign of the ECLIPSE, Libra, tonight at [10:23 pm pst/ 11:23 pm mst/ 12:23 pm cst/ 1:23 pm est].