March 1-7, 2016 – Pre-Life-Changing-Eclipse-Prep

lake-987011_1280Note from the Author:
In response to this pre-eclipse energy I’ve gone deep within and silent.
I experience this pre-eclipse field to be another extremely deep and final purging of all kinds of weird ancient Piscean thought-forms. This can be any “victim story,” curses, domination stories, any victim-perpetrator-dynamic–all these ancient karmic hold places in each of us are being surfaced, revealed to be cleared, and dissolved. Patterns sometimes re-appear, in order to flash a big sign before dissolving once and for all. Or patterns can flash before us in dreams, or in meditation, as they dissolve. cave-WaterWe might feel “flashes,” of these patterns in different aspects of our life, as we are shown the pattern in all its “hold places” in our own consciousness. This revealing is enough awareness to “let it go.”

As I’ve gone deep within to sit with the unsettling eclipse field, I feel as if my cells are releasing old fear, old grief and old stuck concepts from ancestors, from other lives, and other times in this life, when those had more fertile ground.  Now new thoughts, new ways of seeing, and new ways of integrating all that I face before me, are needed. In order to integrate all that I face, I’m having to go into deep silence. In the silence I see so much moving through, not only myself, but the world, and all people. Nature herself, is bursting with power.

lion-white peacefulThe NEW MOON ECLIPSE on March 8th takes place [at 5:58 pm pst/ 6:58 pm mst/ 7:58 pm cst/ 8:58 pm est] in Pisces. In water, our deep soul emotions are moving, creating a clearing energy.

Eclipses tend to push elemental and wild-animal power. Elemental energies can become powerful and animals feel the extreme energy of eclipses. Just like animals feel earth-quakes long before they arrive, they feel eclipses before they arrive too.

Eclipses are portals of birth and death! Life and death pass through these special doorways. Although they are unstable and chaotic, they are times when, spirits can enter and exit. Death and Birth are common in this window–the power of the eclipse field has this life/death power. animal-162020_1280

Often eclipses arrive with an event, or a stressful happening, so its good to be centered, grounded, nourished, supported and prepared, in these times. Reciprocal support is great! Allies and team-mates are important in times of chaos and radical shifting!

As we move through this very powerful time, we are called to step into responsibility for the things we are here for. Although its not a good time for egoic agenda, or anything ego, the deep missions, deep passions, and deep steps we must take on our path are right in front of us. Right and Divine Sacred Action is called for. LittleGirlHermitLIght0

Eclipses can cause us to doubt, question and seek for deeper insight. This is a powerful time for an Astrology Reading. If you would like to schedule a reading. Readings at this time are $75-$150 – you can pay for your reading : by clicking Here.

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In an eclipse reading, we will look at where the eclipse falls in your chart and what is being activated by it. By looking at your current transits and planets affected directly by the eclipse we gain a small “instruction guide,” for mastery on your journey through this time.

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