February 28, 2016 – Big Waterway Within, Flow of Grace

Into the River! Early this Morning, SUN CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [7:47 am pst/ 8:47 am mst/ 9:47 am cst/ 10:47 am est] instigates a “divine sacred flow of grace,” swan-waterMirroras if we have “felt ourselves,” in our own river of life. This purity, this flow, this grace is our own reflection, although a “flowing reflection,”–one that is always changing, due to the flow of life.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [8:16 am pst/ 9:16 am mst/ 10:16 am cst/ 11:16 am est]–sometimes THE GREAT BIG RIVER OF LIFE, reveals to us that we are either “in the unknown,” where we cannot see what is ahead, “or the direction of the flow,” is another direction than we previously thought. The “small glitch,” of a direction change like this can cause tension in personal relationships–this will pass–like water in a river, going with the flow, is not only easier, but in some ways, depending on how far from “the shore,” one is, impossible to resist the current, and its direction.  masuria-831844_1280

We know today, where this “current of life is going,” we can feel it. We may not “know,” how the details will work out, however we can feel the “go with the flow,” direction. Its good to let go, and flow with this inner flowing going knowing.  It may be a time to deeply honor our spiritual path, guidance, and inner beauty as its being touched today.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [at 1:39 pm pst/ 2:39 pm mst/ 3:39 pm cst/ 4:39 pm est] deepens our experience in the afternoon. We are here to be deep soul beings–not stay on the surface. We are here to root deeply into our own true nature, and bring forth cultivated, distilled and masterful expressions of our old beautiful soul’s. All of us are connected to the soul of the creator in one form or another, so each soul, nomatter what its “age,” is connected to the “ancient ones.” Honoring all ancient ones in all lineages–each one.

swan-584412_1280MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [6:42 pm pst/ 7:42 pm mst/ 8:42 pm cst/ 9:42 pm est] brings grace, like divine mist, under our focus of attention. There is authentic grace bubbling up today. We can bathe in its deep wisdom and effortless gifts given and received. In the evening–grace showers us, our imagination is always the ultimate director, however “our own invisible world is in love with us,” and today we can feel it.

black-swan-414760_1280MOON SQUARE MERCURY [11:29 pm pst/ 12:29 am mst (late night)/1:29 am cst/ 2:29 am est] is tension in the small self. Small self of us, small selves of others, don’t always understand the divine. Each of us has an “unfathomable,” unexplainable, non-word-based, contact with the divine in our own unique way. Sometimes we cannot put words to these things. Sometimes others cannot understand our way of “doing God/Goddess,” and that is ok. The beauty of our own inner world, black-swan-122983_1280even though it may not be seen or completely understood by others or even by our own “small self,” at times, these “divine sacred encounters,” are the deepest truth. In time we know how to express ourselves, even if at first we don’t. This is a time for quiet, solitude, and meditation, speechless times are important so that our speech is more authentic.

May silence be our friend.

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February 27, 2016 – Deep Power, Flow & Presence

eagle-Eyes-Brown-SoulfulThis is a time of dropping . . .  into our deepest power. After the slippery strange-energy-VOID of yesterday, today is a time to drop into our feeling body, our deep soul body, and our power.

MOON enters Scorpio from the Void of yesterday [at 3:26 am pst/ 4:26 am mst/ 5:26 am cst/ 6:26 am est]. This power is about presence, and deeper levels of perception, even shifts in perception, penetrating focus and the kind of reflection that can see inner knowing and hold inner truth.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT JUPITER [12:56 pm pst/ 1:56 pm mst/ 2:56 pm cst/ 3:56 pm est] is a communications expansion, though sideways, or awkward, or funny bald-eagle-891979_1280or switch-able. We always have the power to “change our minds.” To switch things around, or to do something fun, spontaneous or wild and free!

SUN TRINE MOON [9:51 pm pst/ 10:51 pm mst/ 11:51 pm cst/ 12:51 am late night est] Brings harmony into the wee hours of this Saturday night. Masculine and Feminine are in a reflective harmonious dance of life.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [at 10:40 pm pst/11:40 pm mst/ 12:40 am late night cst/ 1:40 am est] is a small self flow of grace. From Heaven to Earth, from human to divine and reverse, reciprocal, pure like springwater, we each have access to divine energy. We can be revitalized by love tonight. This love can come from within, bubbling out to create. It can be a river of compassion, or a river of grace. May we flow with the river. eagles-nest-142700_1280. .  . .  . .
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February 26, 2016 – Transformative Moon Void

spider-web-617769_1280Today there is a MOON VOID all day. MOON went into the VOID this early morning at [3:18 am pst/ 4:18 am mst/ 5:18 am cst/ 6:18 am est]. as it OPPOSED URANUS.

The URANUS SQUARE PLUTO that is our birth canal of several years, since around 2010, is still squeezing us, in rythm, each time the personal intimate MOON, touches those outer planet transformers, like today! The “squeeze,” of this birth canal is squeezing us from the old beliefs, old thoughts and old ways, into uncharted territory, and undiscovered new ways. As the “old ways,” are too painful to live, new ways will emerge through us! That is the “squeeze.”

In today’s MOON VOID, its a good time to complete things that were “left hanging,” earlier in the week. Void’s are not great times to make “new progress,” but are good for returns, re-do’s and like Mercury Retrograde, can be good for going back and “doing something again.”

MERCURY SEXTILE URANUS [at 3:02 pm pst/ 4:02 pm mst/ 5:02 pm cst/ 6:02 pm est] is a communications break through potential. With our authentic communication–in this special transformative birthing VOID today, we can have small or large break-through’s. These break-through’s may be related to work we’ve done in the past, and our own “inner knowing,” and our ability to communicate that with others. The VOID isn’t always a great time to release new communications, however can be magical for tying up old communications or redoing misunderstood communications.

May our intimate and restorative weavings of today repair the net of our world.

Note : Two days left until we are in the volatile eclipse change field. Time to Prepare for the energies to swing to extremes.


February 25, 2016 – Grounding Creative Wilderness

Saturn-TreeWStars0MERCURY SEXTILE SATURN [12:05 pm pst/ 1:05 pm mst/ 2:05 pm cst/ 3:05 pm est] is a solid aspect of grounding the fast-moving rapid speed energy of the mercurial mind. In our sleep we may have very grounded “plans,” arrive.

MOON TRINE VENUS this afternoon is a love aspect, an aspect of feminine collaboration, abundance and harmony. [12:17 pm pst/ 1:17 pm mst/ 2:17 pm cst/ 3:17 pm est]. This is a sweetness in the day. Oh what a peaceful vibration in the middle of today!

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [10:29 pm pst/ 11:29 pm mst/ 12:29 am cst/ 1:29 am est] is a grounded experience of home, work, and the synergy between the two. Moon is in Libra and, partnerships of all kinds are being given “new tools!”

We are heading into the awakening MOON SQUARE PLUTO tomorrow morning. Power-Money Tension is possible. Standing firm from our core is a good thing to do.  (3 days left before we enter the intense-volatile part of the eclipse field!) the remedy is to “Be Kali!”

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February 24, 2016 – MOON VOID ~ Preparing for Anything

castle-keyholeMOON SEXTILE MARS [6:22 am pst/ 7:22 mst/ 8:22 am cst/ 9:22 am est] this morning, an active aspect, with the full energy of the full moon under us! We are so filled with fruition. This aspect sends us into a MOON VOID til a little later in the day.

MOON leaves the VOID (an area between two signs, this time between Virgo (where the Full Moon took place) and Libra–the sign of relationship and partnership, beauty and our inner feminine–getting “back on track,” at [2:41 pm pst/ 3:41 pm mst/ 4:41 pm cst/ 5:41 pm est]

There is an old saying in Astrology, [10 days before an eclipse and 3 days after is a very tricky period]. We have four more days before we enter that period. THE ECLIPSES ARE COMING!!!! THE ECLIPSES ARE COMING!!!!

Eclipses are a time when things get “shaken up,” tossed into strange places, fallen, and rugs pulled out, all the rugs need cleaning. Every rug may be pulled. Don’t worry about shake ups, shifts, and power coming into our plane. It is our power too. We can prepare for, and ride this drastic shift energy – able to be a source of the changes and a mouthpiece for divine right action, and assistance for the eclipse-power changes in everyone’s lives.

In an Eclipse Time: Things get “tossed up,” so that “when they fall,” they are in better alignment with the divine and all things. This is coming and its already happening. We are in the volatile extreme life/death shake-up time of the ecilpses already and coming more potent very soon. This is the time when Natural Disasters and extreme shadow is possible. It is also a time when extreme light and miracles are possible. It is like a “crack in reality,” and we too have the power to ride this shift as if it is our ally, our friend and our known limb of energetic influence in life.

Its time to prepare for anything ! To prepare for things in the world may shake up and turn sideways for a moment. It will come back to balance, don’t worry, but it is something to ride–this change coming. Get Ready!