February 28, 2016 – Big Waterway Within, Flow of Grace

Into the River! Early this Morning, SUN CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [7:47 am pst/ 8:47 am mst/ 9:47 am cst/ 10:47 am est] instigates a “divine sacred flow of grace,” swan-waterMirroras if we have “felt ourselves,” in our own river of life. This purity, this flow, this grace is our own reflection, although a “flowing reflection,”–one that is always changing, due to the flow of life.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [8:16 am pst/ 9:16 am mst/ 10:16 am cst/ 11:16 am est]–sometimes THE GREAT BIG RIVER OF LIFE, reveals to us that we are either “in the unknown,” where we cannot see what is ahead, “or the direction of the flow,” is another direction than we previously thought. The “small glitch,” of a direction change like this can cause tension in personal relationships–this will pass–like water in a river, going with the flow, is not only easier, but in some ways, depending on how far from “the shore,” one is, impossible to resist the current, and its direction.  masuria-831844_1280

We know today, where this “current of life is going,” we can feel it. We may not “know,” how the details will work out, however we can feel the “go with the flow,” direction. Its good to let go, and flow with this inner flowing going knowing.  It may be a time to deeply honor our spiritual path, guidance, and inner beauty as its being touched today.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [at 1:39 pm pst/ 2:39 pm mst/ 3:39 pm cst/ 4:39 pm est] deepens our experience in the afternoon. We are here to be deep soul beings–not stay on the surface. We are here to root deeply into our own true nature, and bring forth cultivated, distilled and masterful expressions of our old beautiful soul’s. All of us are connected to the soul of the creator in one form or another, so each soul, nomatter what its “age,” is connected to the “ancient ones.” Honoring all ancient ones in all lineages–each one.

swan-584412_1280MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [6:42 pm pst/ 7:42 pm mst/ 8:42 pm cst/ 9:42 pm est] brings grace, like divine mist, under our focus of attention. There is authentic grace bubbling up today. We can bathe in its deep wisdom and effortless gifts given and received. In the evening–grace showers us, our imagination is always the ultimate director, however “our own invisible world is in love with us,” and today we can feel it.

black-swan-414760_1280MOON SQUARE MERCURY [11:29 pm pst/ 12:29 am mst (late night)/1:29 am cst/ 2:29 am est] is tension in the small self. Small self of us, small selves of others, don’t always understand the divine. Each of us has an “unfathomable,” unexplainable, non-word-based, contact with the divine in our own unique way. Sometimes we cannot put words to these things. Sometimes others cannot understand our way of “doing God/Goddess,” and that is ok. The beauty of our own inner world, black-swan-122983_1280even though it may not be seen or completely understood by others or even by our own “small self,” at times, these “divine sacred encounters,” are the deepest truth. In time we know how to express ourselves, even if at first we don’t. This is a time for quiet, solitude, and meditation, speechless times are important so that our speech is more authentic.

May silence be our friend.

lake-982449_1280If you would like some support – a reflection of your own inner truth – a source of guidance solidly rooted in a map from nature, from your nature, from your stars, and would like to set up a reading, please click here and scroll down, give your e-address. I’ll be in touch to set a time and answer questions in 1-4 days. 

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