February 27, 2016 – Deep Power, Flow & Presence

eagle-Eyes-Brown-SoulfulThis is a time of dropping . . .  into our deepest power. After the slippery strange-energy-VOID of yesterday, today is a time to drop into our feeling body, our deep soul body, and our power.

MOON enters Scorpio from the Void of yesterday [at 3:26 am pst/ 4:26 am mst/ 5:26 am cst/ 6:26 am est]. This power is about presence, and deeper levels of perception, even shifts in perception, penetrating focus and the kind of reflection that can see inner knowing and hold inner truth.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT JUPITER [12:56 pm pst/ 1:56 pm mst/ 2:56 pm cst/ 3:56 pm est] is a communications expansion, though sideways, or awkward, or funny bald-eagle-891979_1280or switch-able. We always have the power to “change our minds.” To switch things around, or to do something fun, spontaneous or wild and free!

SUN TRINE MOON [9:51 pm pst/ 10:51 pm mst/ 11:51 pm cst/ 12:51 am late night est] Brings harmony into the wee hours of this Saturday night. Masculine and Feminine are in a reflective harmonious dance of life.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [at 10:40 pm pst/11:40 pm mst/ 12:40 am late night cst/ 1:40 am est] is a small self flow of grace. From Heaven to Earth, from human to divine and reverse, reciprocal, pure like springwater, we each have access to divine energy. We can be revitalized by love tonight. This love can come from within, bubbling out to create. It can be a river of compassion, or a river of grace. May we flow with the river. eagles-nest-142700_1280. .  . .  . .
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