February 23, 2016 – Healing Challenge of Essence and Expression

keyFearlessToday the FULL MOON is SQUARE SATURN [10:02 am  pst/ 11:02 am mst/ 12:02 pm cst/ 1:02 pm est]–this FULL MOON SQUARE to our “Boundary and Business maker,” is calling us to create structures that will be an upgrade to our service to others, by serving ourselves health and wholeness, in order to be “more present,” for others.

JUPITER OPPOSITE CHIRON is a planetary wonder of healing energy! [12:01 pm pst/ 1:01 pm mst/ 2:01 pm cst/ 3:01 pm est] Jupiter expands everything it touches and even in an opposition, will raise a challenge and offer huge healing expansions in the areas where wounds may be triggered, and “up for healing.” This opposition is happening across the Pisces – Virgo axis, the same axis as the Full Moon of yesterday!

candle-1085531_1280MOON TRINE PLUTO – [12:17 pm pst/ 1:17 pm mst/ 2:17 pm cst/ 3:17 pm est], Virgo to Capricorn is an earth to earth empowerment. This can be a collective to personal empowerment of some kind or a financial empowerment, as Pluto is related to resources. This is an opportunity for healing and empowerment today.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER this evening [6:44 pm pst/ 7:44 pm mst/ 8:44 pm cst/ 9:44 pm est] is almost a “second full moon!” Jupter expands everything it touches, and in Virgo, is expanding our ability to “clean up,” and to “heal,” and we may be highly aware of this whole Virgo area, expanding!!

FULL MOON in Virgo, (yesterday) and now this Full Moon CONJUNCT JUPITER (today) will be delivering to us a list of “instructions for improvement,” this is Virgo’s job. This will be an important down-load for each of us as we will be receiving the clean up and health-balancing instructions we need for right now in this time!

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