February 21, 2016 – Fire and Spontaneous Action for Creative Mastery of this Cycle!

FishWShoes_1920 This is the day before the FULL MOON! It is a creative day of fruition. The MOON is in the most creative sign of Leo, TRINING URANUS early in the morning [4:06 am pst/ 5:06 am mst/ 6:06 am cst/ 7:06 am est]. The ingenuity in this day is at a high!

MOON SQUARE MARS this evening is a home-base tension point to overcome. [5:17 pm pst/ 6:16 pm mst/ 7:17 pm cst/ 8:17 pm est] To be pro-active and utilize the energy, we can take right action, cleaning, and overcoming masculine resistance with water. This resistance can be within us or appear to come from without. If we see resistance, within or without, we can “go inside,” and ask “the river,” of our intuition, the earth, and the “actual flow of real life,” for some input. NEPTUNE is a part of this full moon tomorrow, and nomatter what personal will, or personal ego may think, want or say, the River has a flow, a direction and a power. We are called to “go with the river,” not oppose it with our “small self,” and “small thinking.”

This Full Moon, we may encounter “ego’s” in opposition to nature, to our nature, or to anything that is “flowing,” or “being,” . . . . flower-947676_1920this is a Full Moon of Being, one of Healing, one of Chop Wood and Carry Water! It is a Moon of silencing inaccurate voices, and acting on behalf of the “the river,” as it flows through us.

(NEPTUNE) – a big player in this Full Moon: “The River knows the direction.” We can trust the river. We can surrender and go with it! We can even “take care of tall the details,” so that the sometimes overwhelming clear RIVER of our lives, that carries us, can continue to carry us, as we “keep our eyes open and our head above the water,” we can peacefully continue to float–learning the details of communicating in a way that allows us to “come together,” with those whom we may not have thought we could come together with. If we are “floating nearby,” each other, we have “come together,” for a reason. May we let go in grace, to what is unfolding around us, contributing the kind of divine compassion, patience, tolerance and clear directive that our spiritual teachers model for us. river-533932_1280Deep Blessings in this time of Fruition and “Final Clean Out,” before our manifestation and harvest of our true nature–we are called to “take care of the details of our dreams.”