February 14, 2016 – Happy Valentines Day! May we touch everything! May we be touched!

Sometimes, I am sarcastic about Valentines Day, and sometimes Romantic. Sometimes I feel humanitarian, loving everyone–this ililgirl-brightGlassesOceanbeachs one of those years. I feel a humanitarian Valentines Day this year. Since Mercury just entered Aquarius, joining the SUN there for this Aquarian season, it is the season of a humanitarian kind of love.

child-handsMOON still in sensual touch-centric Taurus reminds us the most loving thing we can do for and with each other is TOUCH! We can massage, and touch with care, each other. Whether we are together, apart, broken hearted or whole hearted, giggling, or crying, we can TOUCH! We have HANDS! We can massage those around us (whomever that is!) We can touch animals, flowers and food. We can TOUCH snow and silk and gooey chocolate that we lick off our fingers. We can suck our own fingers, with chocolate of course. We can TOUCH ourselves–give our toes a foot massage!

EARTHMOON TRINE PLUTO [7:27 am pst/ 8:27 am mst/ 9:27 am cst/ 10:27 est] is a powerful connector to soul and larger forces beyond the personal or “small self.” On a day like Valentine’s Day–this means we can “love the world,” and allow LOVE that is larger than personal, to touch us today. What do we MOST love about ourselves? What infuses our spirit with power and life? Today is a day to do THAT!

candle-1085531_1280MOON TRINE JUPITER – [3:13 pm pst/ 4:13 pm mst/ 5:13 pm cst/ 6:13 est] is a Taurus touch-sense personal nature . . . expanded. We have an energy to reach OUT and TOUCH! We are here to touch and heal each other, nomatter whether we are partners, business partners, friends, lovers, or neighbors, touch is healing. This is also a great aspect for abundance!

   MOON TRINE MARS [4:13 pm pst/ 5:13 pm mst/ 6:13 pm cst/ 7:13 est] is more action for more abundance, and more touch. More joy and more enjoyment of the physical world. Acting for joy means we are “following joy,” in the moment as well as “building the infrastructure,” for joy in the future.

woman-goldnEyesSUN SQUARE MOON late night [11:45 pm pst/ 12:45 am mst/ 1:45 am cst/ 2:45 am est] is a tension between masculine and feminine. It is a monthly “stepping stone,” from the dark waxing quarter to the light waxing quarter. In this transition, there is often a “call to action,” or a tension between male and female that is just “part of the journey.” This is not the best aspect for a Valentines Day night, so don’t fret, because–really–Valentines Day could be Every Day! We can touch and love every day! And Touching ourselves and others today is a good mission! In a male to female square–even stretching to be kind, is always a good idea–Valentines Day is a “good excuse,” to overcome tension in order to love, giving unconditional love, and receiving it–because that is what the Divine wants us to do, ultimately we are loving the divine by loving ourselves and others.

May we love boundlessly and with a clear divine force of inspired willingness to try this surrender to MORE LOVE! Those who speak of love, yoda-922520_1280know that it is the ultimate elixir of life. It is the ultimate solution to all things, and the goal of human evolution at this time! So HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! May we love with fierce knowing grace, that more love is coming–so we can love, fiercely, boldly, bravely and with tender compassion. We are LOVE!