February 13, 2016 – Balancing Ground and Air, Actions for Abundance

stones-167089_1280MOON entered Taurus (earth early this morning,) meanwhile MERCURY entered Aquarius! The two square in the early degrees of earth and air. Innocent simple earth and the most complex/networked web of air.

[2:32 am pst/ 3:32 am mst/ 4:32 am cst/ 5:32 am est] this morning is a communications and mental tension of “stretching,” into a cognitive dissonance.

Sometimes the mind thinks several things at once, often at different layers. When they conflict, it is called, “cognitive dissonance,” For example: simply: “I want to go outside and play for fun,” but “I hate the cold so I don’t want to go outside,” I both want to go there and don’t want to at the same time. (this is cognitive dissonance)–this is something we all deal with every day.

church-window-515229_1280Paradox is one of the realities of life. Allowing our mind to evolve to a state of “neutrality,” where many layers of opinion and opposing thought can all exist in the same place–is an act of consciousness–that is today’s square–a challenge for consciousness. Inviting opposing opinions all into one mind in peace.

MARS SEXTILE JUPITER [2:55 pm pst/ 3:55 pm mst/ 4:55 pm cst/ 5:55 pm est] offers a syncronized energy of action. This action is uplifted by the expansive graceful magic of Jupiter! This watering-can-902218_1280aspect is a grace for abundance aspect. We can invite and invoke abundance, stretching in areas we haven’t stretched into yet–its a healthy happy stretch aspect!

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [6:37 pm pst/ 7:37 pm mst/ 8:37 pm cst/ 9:37 pm est] this evening is a home to divine contact. There is a flow–like a river–it can be grace, magic, feminine sweetness, or flow of abundance. We can put “whatever we would like,” into the river of flow this evening. It glimmers, shines, makes movies and wears costumes too.

. . . . . . . .

May your costume be filled with humor and your life with a river of your personal kind of grace.