February 1, 2016 – Leaps of Faith in February!

freedom-716143_1280On this first day of February we have a symbol of supercharged action! This is not a day or a month to sit around! MARS CONJUNCT MOON – [2:26 am pst/ 3:26 am mst/ 4:26 am cst/ 5:26 am est] This is a day and a month for reciprocal action. This action is on behalf of ourselves and others. SUN is in Aquarius and we are not just one, we are a community within and without.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [4am pst/ 5am mst/ 6am cst/ 7am est] right in the early morning–touches us into the transfiguration/death and changes of January–in a nutshell.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY (now direct and still reflecting the Mercury Retrograde unwindings, in their circular wisdom and revelations) [7:01 am pst/ 8:01 am mst/ 9:01 am cst/ 10:01 am est] Communications from the heart and soul is key today.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [4:35 pm pst/ 5:35 pm mst/ 6:35 pm cst/ 7:35 pm est] points toward evening abundance, expansion and jupiterian grace.

Even though our Rite of Passage Cauldron continues into February, there is grace just around each challenge-corner. Take Leaps of Faith, Don’t Give Up!