January 24, 2016 – Getting to the HEART of the Matter

abstract-art-heartMandala The FULL MOON is still glowing this morning, still in Leo.

This FULL MOON of our heart, is a powerful transformer for our whole life, our inner world and the way that is reflected, from the world around us–back to us.

We are in a deep “spiral inward,” to “the heart of the matters in our lives.” Anything that has been “caught up in the heart place,” is erupting, unfolding and flowering at this time. We are here to love, to expand our heart and it is speaking to us about this at this time. Are we listening to our hearts?

MOON SQUARE MARS, [8:11 am pst, 9:11 am mst/ 10:11 am cst/ 11:11 am est] is an active square, unfolding the Full Moon of our Heart, in active ways, into our life today.

MOON TRINE SATURN [at 12:25 pm pst/ 1:25 pm mst/ 2:25 cst/ 3:25 pm est] is a responsibility shift that can come gracefully. We are abstract-heartresponsible to our own heart, nomatter what is happening around us. We are responsible to “speak up,” what needs to be spoken by the heart, to ground what needs to be grounded by our Sun, our Heart, and to root and create space for our inner heart place. May we be “heart-responsible!”

MOON TRINE URANUS [at 6:51 pm pst/ 7:51 pm mst/ 8:51 pm cst/ 9:51 pm est], asks us to “Free our heart and mind of any imprisonment,” especially related to teh imprisonment of love, of our own heart’s love. May we free ourselves from thelove-699480_1280 “fear of pain,” and the “fear of loving,” may we set ourselves free and may we accept the invitations for freedom, breakthrough and inner revolution that come now–today–this evening! Freedom is coming now. May we embrace our freedom!

. . . . . .

May we all set each other free. May we be free to love, free to be ourselves, to take off armor of the heart and let it shine, freeing our heart, from the doubts, fears and limits of our own and others’ minds. May we set our hearts free! May we set free the hearts of others today! Heart Freedom!

January 23, 2016 – The FULL MOON of the HEART

As we rise into the morning, MOON is still VOID in the water elixir from yesterday, until late morning. MOON enters Leo [at 11:21 am pst/ 12:21 mst/ 1:21 cst/ 2:21 est] igniting the FULL MOON of the HEART Field.

heart-sun-landscapeLeo is related to the SUN, the Heart of our Solar System. The sun gives us all the warmth and light that grows fruit and life through us.

Our Heart is our Sun in our own life, in our own body. This FULL MOON honors this SUN within our body–Our Heart–which gives light and warmth to us and through us all year long. We are honoring the flame of warmth, vitality and connection to divine grace, that lives in each one’s heart this weekend–as the MOON fills with the light of Leo within each one–our heart–ignited!

VENUS enters Capricorn today and there is a circular creative magic going on. Venus is just returning to Capricorn–the earth sign that ruled her last 18 month cycle, before this one.

We entered a New Venus Cycle in August 2015, an 18 month overlighting VENUS in Leo cycle. As Venus moves through the signs, she will carry Leo with her, flowering and growing the sign overlighting her whole cycle–this time–Leo, and the energy of the SUN. Since August, something new began to flourish in us. It is just beginning–having still another 13 or so months to go! We are birthing network-586177something new within us and it is an emanation, a truth of our heart. It is growing, shining and radiating out. Today VENUS moves back into the Capricorn Earth sign where Pluto lives, our squeezing, birthing force of nature squeezing us through from one era to another.

While Venus moves through Earth Capricorn, through mid-February, we are grounding the work of our heart. This work of our true Heart is being expanded NOW–in this FULL MOON in Leo!

The exact time of this FULL MOON of our HEART is [at 5:46 pm pst/ 6:46 pm mst/ 7:46  pm cst/ 8:46 pm est]

HAPPY FULL MOON!!!! THE HEART SCREAMS, YELLS at the top of its light, “I LOVE YOU!” I love you! And YOU! ANd YOU! I love you! I love you! I”m not afraid to say it!” . . . “I’m not embarrassed to be loud about it!” . . .  “I’m not too armored to be a fool.”I can forgive, I can accept and I can celebrate others beauty. I’m not afraid to let that show anymore. This is the authentic heart–it wants to love. Lets let it love what it loves. May we let it out of the box and let it love Each one of us is on a Fool's Journey and each retreat is a group adventure!loudly!

The Wise Fool, lives in the heart. I give you permission to let go of everything but the YOU that is the WISE FOOL in YOUR HEART!

To celebrate the FULL MOON in Leo and this cycle, Please BE A FOOL FOR LOVE! BE LOVE! BE YOUR OWN INNER SUN, SHINING! IGNITE YOUR LOVE AND DON’T BE EMBARRASSED OR AFRAID TO GIVE IT IN OUTRAGEOUS WAYS, as beautiful and bold as a sunrise or sunset, it covers the whole world in its glorious color. May you cover the world with your gifts, color and shine! May you let it out! Let it free, let it be radiant and flowing!

. . . . . . . . . . .

Happy Full Moon of the Heart!





January 22, 2016 – Death of the Mind – Rebirth of Pure Channeling

autumn-babyBOyHumanity is moving toward a new consciousness that is of the New Era that we have already crossed, around December 2012, give or take a year or two. Now, in 2016 we are more solidly in this new era and the energies will less and less tolerate non-heart-centered mental states. The mind, without the heart can be the most dysfunctional, violent, disconnected human we can imagine, and we have. We are moving into a time where the Heart will no longer be dominated by the mind. The mind has dominated the heart for about three thousand years and that is changing in this era. Can you feel that? We don’t have to do it, all we have to do is ride it, not resist it, let go into the river of the heart.

The mind may struggle, fight this river and oppose the heart.  Out of mental discomfort, the mind–if and when it has the opportunity–tries to “put the heart back in the box,” where the mind feels safe and calculating, in “control.” That control was imaginary and was for the old era. In this era, we give up that “control,” that we never really had anyway, and we learn to surf–if we are to survive and thrive in this new energy. The new energy is asking us for something? what is it?  In some ways it is the death of the old mind. We are being asked to surrender an old way of thinking. Old thoughts need to die.

MERCURY CONJUNCT PLUTO today [at 1:58 am pdt] (with MERCURY RETROGRADING) will be repeated and revisited on Friday January 29th, after Mercury goes DIRECT on the 25th. So this is a cauldron we are in this weekend. The “Death of the Mind,” is triggered twice: Once BEFORE The FULL MOON of the HEART, and once after it.

We are in a FULL MOON field that is empowering the true authentic silent still, or sad or raging: voice of the Heart: to be louder, to come forward–to be recognized, seen and heard, even with the mind screaming: “don’t let it speak.” “I’m too scared, says the mind.” . . . “I’m afraid of the heart!” says the mind. “I’m afraid of losing my ability to know and control everything.” . . . . “I don’t understand the realm of the heart.” . . . . “It is vast and makes no sense to me!” says mind, “please, so i’m safe and happy, keep it in a box! It is safe there!”

The rising MOON OPPOSES this MERCURY PLUTO CONJUNCTION. The FULL MOON of the HEART is fully active in this Death of the Mind. The mind is called to lose its limitations and open to something more vast.

Today we are in the cauldron of change. mindset-743163_1920We are birthing from the same birth we’ve been in during the last 4 years. We’ve been dying of the old era, the old ways and birthing to a new energy–a new way. This is a squeeze-us-through-process. We are all being “sqeezed through the birth canal” between era’s.

 We can let go of the tension and stress in our mind to “figure it all out,” and relax into the wisdom of the heart and the higher mind, which is not defined or inside of us, but flows through us with divine energy. It is a high frequency, moves quickly and fleetingly and is a flow of grace. Instead of hard thinking, we are moving into a relaxing into grace.

. . . . . . .

 May we allow grace to move us now.

January 21, 2016 – Rising toward the Full Moon of the Heart

HeartsMadofStarsBlueskypurpleMOON OPPOSITE VENUS is a theme today, even though it happens so early it is gone before the day begins. The tension of this polarized “lighting up,” of all that is and is not love ignites the day and we are off into the vortex of the FULL MOON of the HEART–Saturday evening.

MOON enters Cancer, sign of the mama, trines the Great Mother, NEPTUNE, and MARS, giving us big water trine energy. Baths, tears, rain, and emotional waters are flowing in active fashion. They are “energy in motion,” and there is a Full Moon of the Heart coming to fruition.

January 19, 2016 – Confusion or Unknown?

bubble-83758_1280MOON in airy Gemini is a mental paradise for thinking. Although, thinking in today’s square with NEPTUNE is not as supportive as feeling will be.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [at 3:09  pm pst/ 4:09 pm mst/ 5:09 pm cst/ 6:09 pm est] Flexible air to Flexible water we are potentially in flow, change and re-arranging. If we cannot see the future it is ok. This is “unknown territory.” mushrooms-116973_1280

In unknown territory, if we attempt to “grasp,” something with our mind, it can feel confusion or unclear, as if we are unable to hold on to the literal in today’s watery feeling square.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN late tonight 11:54 pm pst/ 12:54 am mst/ 1:54 am cst/ 2:54 am est] is an inner intuitive impulse in the midst of unknown waters, to prepare, to take the “right step,” or to create the infrastructure for the work ahead. May we tune in and “know” what steps to take for right work and livelihood! Today is an interesting step into the unknown, progress from leaps of faith is possible. photo-effect-359981_1280

Today is the last day of SUN in Capricorn–tomorrow SUN moves into Aquarius–“this is the dawning of the season of Aquarius,” grounding for newness.

In spite of the unknown, of our deep feelings, or of the rain, snow or water-brain, we can move forward today in the leaps of faith before us–the MOON is waxing, even in a square of the unknown.  “The unknown,” is a place of great love, great creativity and great possibility. May we take the reins of this great space and create, have faith and fly forward.

. . . . . . .

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