January 23, 2016 – The FULL MOON of the HEART

As we rise into the morning, MOON is still VOID in the water elixir from yesterday, until late morning. MOON enters Leo [at 11:21 am pst/ 12:21 mst/ 1:21 cst/ 2:21 est] igniting the FULL MOON of the HEART Field.

heart-sun-landscapeLeo is related to the SUN, the Heart of our Solar System. The sun gives us all the warmth and light that grows fruit and life through us.

Our Heart is our Sun in our own life, in our own body. This FULL MOON honors this SUN within our body–Our Heart–which gives light and warmth to us and through us all year long. We are honoring the flame of warmth, vitality and connection to divine grace, that lives in each one’s heart this weekend–as the MOON fills with the light of Leo within each one–our heart–ignited!

VENUS enters Capricorn today and there is a circular creative magic going on. Venus is just returning to Capricorn–the earth sign that ruled her last 18 month cycle, before this one.

We entered a New Venus Cycle in August 2015, an 18 month overlighting VENUS in Leo cycle. As Venus moves through the signs, she will carry Leo with her, flowering and growing the sign overlighting her whole cycle–this time–Leo, and the energy of the SUN. Since August, something new began to flourish in us. It is just beginning–having still another 13 or so months to go! We are birthing network-586177something new within us and it is an emanation, a truth of our heart. It is growing, shining and radiating out. Today VENUS moves back into the Capricorn Earth sign where Pluto lives, our squeezing, birthing force of nature squeezing us through from one era to another.

While Venus moves through Earth Capricorn, through mid-February, we are grounding the work of our heart. This work of our true Heart is being expanded NOW–in this FULL MOON in Leo!

The exact time of this FULL MOON of our HEART is [at 5:46 pm pst/ 6:46 pm mst/ 7:46  pm cst/ 8:46 pm est]

HAPPY FULL MOON!!!! THE HEART SCREAMS, YELLS at the top of its light, “I LOVE YOU!” I love you! And YOU! ANd YOU! I love you! I love you! I”m not afraid to say it!” . . . “I’m not embarrassed to be loud about it!” . . .  “I’m not too armored to be a fool.”I can forgive, I can accept and I can celebrate others beauty. I’m not afraid to let that show anymore. This is the authentic heart–it wants to love. Lets let it love what it loves. May we let it out of the box and let it love Each one of us is on a Fool's Journey and each retreat is a group adventure!loudly!

The Wise Fool, lives in the heart. I give you permission to let go of everything but the YOU that is the WISE FOOL in YOUR HEART!

To celebrate the FULL MOON in Leo and this cycle, Please BE A FOOL FOR LOVE! BE LOVE! BE YOUR OWN INNER SUN, SHINING! IGNITE YOUR LOVE AND DON’T BE EMBARRASSED OR AFRAID TO GIVE IT IN OUTRAGEOUS WAYS, as beautiful and bold as a sunrise or sunset, it covers the whole world in its glorious color. May you cover the world with your gifts, color and shine! May you let it out! Let it free, let it be radiant and flowing!

. . . . . . . . . . .

Happy Full Moon of the Heart!