January 4, 2016 – Clearing Old Resentment for Spiritual Power and Grace

MOON waning in Scorpio, references the tightening PLUTO SQUARE URANUS right now, through early spring. There is clearing and releasing going on! This is the day before MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE, so the spinning cocktail-glass-Strawberrywhirling energy is already happening. Mercury is slowing and the trickster of funny incidents may be planting seeds of funnies in our life-drinks already.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE pre-dawn [2:56 am pst/ 3:56 am mst/ 4:56 am cst. 5:56 am est] opens a river of flow, compassion, grace and releases of old shtuff that is clearing. Anything that is feeling like pressure bits, flilpping off of people. I’ve seen these things. I see these percolations of energy from perhaps cellular memory, percolating out through current scenarios, that subtly remind us of cellular moments, that clear as the familiar feeling is felt. The shock or trauma of another time can be released by a small shock or trauma in the now. These releases are in the field through spring, and todays WATER TRINE is soothing for the edgy emotional arena we are treading–pressure-cooked by PLUTO SQUARE URANUS.

eye-462267_1280SUN SEXTILE MOON [at 3:43 pm pst/ 4:43 pm mst/ 5:43 pm cst/ 6:43 pm est] – is an aspect that can bring celestial music to our ears, heart and personal expression. We are here to hear the celestial spheres playing their miracles, while we care for those animals, people and plants around us. May we nourish and nurture those we love today.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [at 5:59 pm pst/ 6:59 pm mst/ 7:59 pm cst/ 8:59 pm est] brings power connection, empowerment and deep soul healing releases as the MOON wanes, unwinds into the dark peaceful emotional healing time.

abstract-greenLeavesSliceOfRainbowCakeMay emotional healing take place in beauty, grace and home baked goodies from our hearts and heart-ovens.

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