January 2, 2016 – Shadow Clearing

On this Second day of 2016, MOON is in Libra. Relationships matter to us. Meanwhile this Cardinal Air sign is in a tree-snow-smileSQUARE wtih PLUTo and URANUS, in a tightening square through spring. We are feeling an increasing pressure that pushes us from two sides or power crushes us to change.

MOON SQUARE SUN, is the last quarter square so we are heading now into the final week of the lunar cycle, into the dark last quarter. Even though, we’ve crossed the Winter Solstice and the point of the New Solar Year, as the lunar cycle comes back down into the dark, we are doing to feel this very deep pull down and in. In this last quarter, there is a call to deeply listen for the new year’s guidance.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN grounds us into our responsibility.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [at 5:22 am pst/ 6:22 am mst/ 7:22 am cst/ 8:22 am est] is a cathartic squeeze in the birth canal from old world to new world.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [8:23 am PSt/ 9:23 am MST/ 10:23 am CST/ 11:23 am EST] could be freeing us from shadow material, shock, or trauma from past lives, as we are going down now to the darker side of the moon, our emotional nature. There is a force now of “emptying old shit.”

dam-929406_1280May we free ourselves of cellular shock and trauma from past lives, utilizing the circumstances in front of us as release valves! That is what they are! If you are experiencing an unusual amount of “shock,” from the behaviors of others around you–its possible you are clearing cellularly and karmicly, times in history when we were shocked or traumatized by the behaviors of others before, like during the inquisition.

. . . . . . . . . .

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