December 30, 2015 – Tension, Grace and Power

chinese-GRACEAs we move forward into time, we step away from the energy of 2015 and step into the energy of 2016.

Today, MOON in practical Virgo is OPPOSING a River of Neptunian energy. We can feel overwhelmed or go surfing. We can clean or plan with the mercurial gifts, even or especially when touched by Neptunes flexible graces.

SUN TRINE MOON Predawn – links masculine and feminine in harmony as the MOON wanes down toward a new moon in the new year. This is a tender gentle yet extremely fertile time!

Often at this time of year, there is a period of days where all planets are direct. It doesn’t always happen and this year, Athink-622165_1920LL PLANETS ARE DIRECT from December 25th–the Full Moon, through January 5th. This is a fertility portal for new projects and the cultivation of long-held dreams.

MOON SQUARE SATURN in the morning [8:33 am pst/ 9:33 am mst/ 10:33 am cst/ 11:33 am est] is a sleepy, resistant or limitation-based tension. With the wisdom of presence, we can overcome these surface saturn resistances. Deeper there is a discipline of the heart. We can push through surface tension to deeper commitment to truth, authenticity and the long journey ahead.

WordsHavePowerMOON TRINE PLUTO this evening, [4:32 pm pst/ 5:32 pm mst/ 6:32 pm cst/ 7:32 pm est] empowers us to allow our depth, soulfulness and power to express through into life. As we organize, write, edit, communicate, or produce something, infusing our soul, essence and power into it is a natural call this evening, to allow power (& life force) in.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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December 25 – December 28 – Author on Holiday Break

I’ll be back soon! Have a wonderful holy day season!

May the deep quiet penetrate all that is inquiet and bring it to rest.  May we dream dreams into fertile soil for the new year! May we set clear intentions for tis the season to set intentions for this cycle and year!

. . . . . . .

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December 25, 2015 – Merry FULL MOON Era-Birthing Christmas ~ Leaving the False Christ and the Old Religions behind, for a more authentic, spirituality that is rooted in daily divine acts of grace, kindness and miracle consciousness

bells-1028706_1280  FULL MOON takes place on Christmas day this year! [at 3:11 am PST/4:11 am MST /5:11 am CST/ 6:11 am EST] on December 25th, we have a FULL MOON in Cancer!  At dawn, Santa may have come in the Full Moonlight! Its an illuminated Christmas Day! The Earth Mother and her Moon are intimate with us this Christmas. They are calling us to flower our soul’s. They are ushering us to “listen deeply.”

We are always ushered to “listen deeply,” at this time of year, and THIS YEAR, the listening call is even stronger, because this FULL MOON CHRISTMAS is like a birth for each of us. There is a pressure we have all been facing for four to five years in a planetary configuration called URANUS SQUARE PLUTO. This FULL MOON Christmas plays right into this pressure birth canal—making it a cross! This cross, however is not a cross of cruxifiction, it is a cross of ascension and rebirth. It is s symbol of the “coming of age,” of humanity, into more maturity, as if we are each called to be the Christos ourself.

imp-1098737_1280This FULL MOON in Cancer completes a whole cycle of mothering—offering renewal. Each of us has the nurturing inside of us. We nurture our own lives, the lives of our creative projects, our children and our life’s work. This is a peak of transition and rebirth for whatever we do as a mother, a cultivator, a birther, and a creatrix. We are renewing our creative vows with life this Christmas! What do we want to mother this year?  How do we want to cultivate our most cherished creations?

The FULL MOON is allied by Neptune, often the planet of Divinity. Divinity is connecting to us, and it may not be as organized as religion conspires to make it. Divinity tends to be filled with creative spontaneous eruptions of growth, and options. Light emerges and we are lifted into a passionate dance of life. We meet someone new, or pick up a paintbrush, on a new canvas, and before we know it we are inflamed with our own art. It is the time to pick up the new paintbrush, the one handed to us by Divinity this year.

Another planetary configuration with Mercury and Jupiter offers the key that our mind, our thoughts, words and communications can “move the world” this year and this Christmas. May we honor the power of the word, for rather than simply chatting, may we choose our words to elevate those around us, so they may feel life is giving them paintbrushes.

If ever there was a  time for visualization, clear intention as a way of life, and self-responsible thought-patterns, it is now!   We have an opportunity this year to “think ourselves into healthier more vibrant, sustainable situations!” Following our thoughts—of course—may be action, and our mind is incredibly powerful when lit up by the Great Inspired Jupiter! We are invited to Expand our Mind, to the outer reaches of miracle creation.

Big Revolutionary Planet Uranus—does something that planets appear to do from time-to-time, marking the changing of cycles, endings and beginnings. Uranus is a symbol of our freedom, invention and break-throughs that are boundary-leaping, and revolutionize the past.

On Christmas, along with the Full Moon, Planet Uranus changes direction from Earth’s perspective. Since we are all flying around the sun, Earth, and Uranus, it is only from Earth’s perspective that Uranus is shifting to go forward on Christmas! It is a Christmas for liberation from old bonds. Especially the ones that have been rearing their heads in the last five months!

Since July 26th, 2015—Planet Uranus, symbol of our individuality and our authentic connection with the spiritual force that drives that—our invisible guidance in life—whatever unique thing that is for each of us–has been in a kind of “re-organization” for 5 months. We are learning to listen and transmit with the “other world,” in a new way. We are OPENING to forces beyond the third dimension. This expansion potential in our field of awareness is a Uranian leap in consciousness to open to being vessels to spirit in a new way. We’ve been preparing for this leap of faith, moment of resurrection, or opening of new eyes, for five months now, acutely. We are being ushered by our lives into another way of being. Its a holy time of CHANGE!! Radical transformation is going on right now!

Whatever this last five months has prepared us for, it is awakening. We are being tapped by God. What are we brewing? What is being tapped? What is our unique awakened gift?

This year on Christmas, the gifts we receive may be so much more than what is wrapped under the tree, or in our stockings!  We can open to what may be given from a Divine Source beyond this world. What gifts are streaming to us from our source? These are gifts and treasures from beyond this world, which we bring here, from within, through our writing, speaking, sharing and other forms of expression.

Something is emerging this Christmas candles-141892_1280for each of us—an inner gift, an inner freedom, a new vision. What is it? Will you listen? Remember to open the Gifts that come from Spirit, the subtle ones. This is a special Christmas—the subtle gifts are bright and whispering! Shhhhhh. Can you hear them within? Sparkling divine sacred gifts opening within you!!!

Merry Sacred Christmas. May your inner flame be fueled with new conscious light.


. . . . . . . .

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December 24, 2015 – Rising Moon Christmas Eve – Almost FULL!

candles-141892_1280The MOON is almost FULL! It is rising to a rare Full Moon on Christmas Day that has not happened since 1977. This is a celebratory time of remembering the sweetness of Christmas at that time, and acknowledging the way that “times they are a changin'” . . as this FULL MOON is part of a Grand Cross Birth Canal, that we’ve been squeezing through for 4-5 years now. There are some final squeezes!

These Birth-Squeezes are not the normal Christmas celebration. There are deep transformations stirring.

Today, MOON SEXTILE URANUS pre-dawn brings an awakening energy to the morning. We’ve crossed the Winter Solstice, dark night point, and the solar energy is still very low, tender, quiet and often a space to meet our darker feelings. This little dose of magical sacred fire rises as we do this morning. It is a sacred holy day for many reasons. The inner fire within us – has something to share, as the new birth is occuring with in us–of a new way of being for a new world.

imp-1098737_1280VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER, also pre-dawn, is a kiss from the divine abundant loving presence of creation. We can have a beautiful day today–there is a field of beauty, and richness. Jupiter and Venus together bring a potential of creation that is so fertile we can create, create create!

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [at 9:16 am pst/ 10:16 am mst/ 11:16 am cst/ 12:16 pm est] asks us to stretch, on behalf of our family. S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Its a time of gifting. We can dig into deep treasure chests to retrieve gifts for others.

The bells of ascension are ringing, calling us to connect to our inner path, and divinity ~

MOON in Gemini TRINE MARS in Libra is an active link between masculine and feminine. This is good for body building, and family building. Mars is active! In airy signs, we are communicating in relationships. Perhaps we can talk while jogging, or have a family trip to the gym, or play a family game of TWISTER, acro-yoga, or hand stand contests!

May the holy days be filled with joy as we continue to squeeze ourselves through the death and birth of worlds, era’s and from an old to a new life!advent-514849_1280

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December 23, 2015 – Happy New Solar Year! ~ This Place: Our Work! Elemental Magic this Year!

hummingbird-smallToday MOON is in Gemini – having left the Grand Earth Trine of the Winter Solstice: (for which MOON inhabited Taurus) for the NEW YEAR chart of SUN at zero degrees Capricorn!

I’ve been looking at the chart for the new Solar Year this morning! I’ve been in awe of what I see as elemental beauty and magic coming this year! The elements around us are stirring with aliveness and magic. They are here to ally with us and we with them. The elements are our key and will be on center stage. The Earth, her and our air, water, trees, rocks and all creatures great and small. Earth signs are working their magic on us and through us this year ahead!

The New Solar Year ahead; (we call it 2016): is rooted in a Grand Trine in Earth, with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, calling us into our greatness, our expanded selves and our further walking into our destinies and callings, expanding, expanding, opening to grace, abundance and magic in practical, earth-rooted, yet-magical-ways. The magic will be in the ground, under our feet and coming through us into form. torres-del-paine-303400_1920


This year: 2016 (number turning still to come) : is grounded in Earth. With a Grand Trine in Earth, Elemental Magic is at a peak this year. We can get more accomplished by merging with elemental energies and asking for their assistance, than spiritual paths that take us away from the earth. This year, there is a call to bring our spiritual path, down to the earth. Into the dirt, rocks and water here. There is spiritual presence down in the earth, as well as in the heavens! And the more we bring our spirit into the rocks, plants, trees and animals right around us, the more we will feel the animated interconnected magic of the elemental earth that is rising this year! This year: grounding spirit into rock, and Heaven into Earth! (more on this new year coming)! (longer article forthcoming).

Spirit In the Earth!

Its a year for Spirit in the Dirt!
It is also time for “grass-roots revolutions,” that are not corporate, and not planned, but grow like grass. Lighting up green and healthy and spreading quickly.

I am reminded of the work of Machaelle Small Wright: working with elemental spirits on a deep intimate level to achieve anything. She has something called a “soil-less garden,” which involves working with elemental spirits on projects that are not in real dirt, but still in form. (its a way of working with the elementals of dirt and rock, on projects that are more like websites and social movements, or businesses). This is one example of how to bring the “dirt,” and elemental energy–into all of our life this year. As I refer to her, she is also in the dirt.

Here is commentary from Machaelle on how change can happen in our current downward-falling-sustainability-situation (mostly seemingly from the impact of the Industrial Revolution). I believe as she does, that it is our responsibility to turn the (very earthly based) Industrial mess here around! I believe we are equipped to do this now:

from her blog ~

industry-486877_1280“Yes, the fallout of the Industrial Revolution and poor decisions on the part of industry and governments play a role in this. However, I believe they are responsible for only 50% of the problem. We individuals are responsible for the other 50%. All the issues resulting from that which shall not be named boil down to one thing: What scientific and industrial developments do we want to include in our lives and how much do we want to use them? Industry and governments may look big and out of control but, in actuality, we individuals are the ones who are in control. You know how to change an industry’s crappy, problem-producing product? Stop buying it. If a company’s sales suddenly drop, you will be shocked at how fast that company will change the product in order to regain those lost sales. “  –Machaelle Small Wright

This is the year we all “stop buying their products” and the crappy bad products of the destructive industrial revolution can fall away for healthier more sustainable options for all of us and the earth under our feet.

Even “under the weight of the world,” we are supported by solid rock.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE this morning at [9:55 am pst/ 10:55 am mst/ 11:55 am cst/ 12:55 pm est] can feel like an industrial mess inside. We may feel the accidental spills, and overflows, or lack of something to meet something. Although it is exciting to have a new Solar year, as we do: we may not feel so good. For a unique reason for each of us, we may feel challenged emotionally. We may feel “the weight of the world,” upon our shoulders, or the industrial revolution in our bellies.

From this authentic place of feeling, we move the world. From our angst, turned to activism, our fear, transformed to action, our lack and our loss, turned to tenderness. We can sit in presence, sit with the rocks and trees, elementals and spiritual elements surrounding us, and move into grace. We can merge with elemental intent and grow ourselves from here. We all know where we need to grow. From this place of deep feeling, we have so much power to grow, as the new solar light enters, lifting us now day by day, with a little more of its new kind of light and new consciousness.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN at [2:45 pm pst/ 3:45 pm mst/ 4:45 pm cst/ 5:45 pm est] is a parental moment. We can parent ourselves, our children, our animals, our forests, and we can parent the world around us, as it presents itself before us. We–who love, we who care, are the “parents of this world.” May we take responsibility with elemental support, connection and sustenance.

Today challenges us in our own unique way–to grow. May we grow into the radiant lights of wisdom that can grow a thousand gardens in one. Each thought, each gesture, each word, each prayer. We can grow into the world of balance and beauty from this place. May we grow together in wisdom from here. roots-oh my

. . . . . . . .

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