December 18, 2015 – Fiery day of transition, Lunar Rising, Solar Falling – still going down: (4 days to Complete the old solar year)

sea-lions-cave-52296_1280 MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER, [12:42 am pst/ 1:42 am mst/ 2:42 am cst/ 3:42 am est] Pisces to Virgo, is a place of expansion. We expand through the opposition of clean places and dirty places, opening our hearts to the sad, broken, lonely and hurt parts that Virgo holds so dearly, as they espouse their feelings, thoughts and eventually, the wisdom–the jewel. Our elder within–(Pisces) can speak to the wounded one’s located in the Virgo piece of our soul. Touching the electric fence between wounding and healing. In the dark hermit time of the winter, we find these jewels in our deep humbled places. Where we have climbed all the way into our cave, and we feel deeply our soul. This dark place of feeling is warm and moist with fertility, for the new solar season ahead. Sprouts live inside our living soul-life, stirring in the dark.

MOON is VOID from 7:14 am pdt, entering Aries and leaving the VOID [at 1:26 pm pst/ 2:26 pm mst/ 3:26 cst/4:26 est] MOON in fiery Aries, as the lunar energy is waxing (rising) toward the FULL MOON on Christmas, the solar energy is still falling. We are still closing out the solar year and now in 4 days of completion before the new solar year on the 21st night.

VENUS INCONJUNCT URANUS – radical shifty strange energy related to love is here today. This odd-feeling energy reminds us that even in the most uncomfortable, awkward, sleepy, or sad situations, there is magic.

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