December 12th, 2015 – Opening up the New Lunar Cycle in the Closing of the old Solar Year – 9 Days of Magical Completion!

These days: between December 12th and December 21st, Winter Solstice, are magical days. ScissorsFlowerCan you feel the natural magic when you look at those numbers? 12-12-2015 and 12-21-2015. We have 9 days–a number of completion–to close the old Solar Year and prepare for the New Incoming Light of a New Cycle, which we harness and foster, surf and guide at the same time.

This is a dark mysterious time of endings and beginnings. It is a time of unexpected transformations and unlimited potential. May we not take this time for granted, but Dig In!

seedling-695138_1920How to Dig In?

The old story about “seed planting” at the New Moon, and at the New Solar Year is true. So, the obvious time for seed planting is now. Its fertile, dark, unknown and hidden within our secret winter chambers, where fires burn through snowy cold nights. Times of reflection and meditation, writing and walking are good for this time, to “upload our own soul’s messages for the year.” The messages of the soul–the ones that bubble up out of our own magic–are potent at this time–may we listen to our own hearts bubbling. Honoring our own bubbling into seeds, intentions, and plans is a great idea at this time!

fire-166421_1280These fires that burn in mid-winter: are not just in our fireplaces and heater furnaces, but in our warm hearts and our ability to channel the warm heart of the world at this time–a cold dark time. The heart of our creator, the center of the universe, is burning brightly amidst the cold outside.  As micro-versions of our warm-hearted unlimited-potential-based creator, we plant our heart-alive seeds into the earthen power of our clearly held intention. Sometimes words can be spoken in the right place at the right time–as seed planting acts of power.

This is an important time for listening to gut and our own weird intuitive personal moments of instinct about sharing ourselves with others. Words written. Invitations sent. Intentions shared can be powerful seedplanting acts at this time.

Words written. Its a good idea to return to a good writing practice at this time, of shifting of the years–journal-791286_1920(like Julia Cameron’s Artists Way practice of Morning pages)–so we don’t miss anything important lingering in our subconscious–ready to give birth in this next cycle. These parts of ourselves may whine and feel uncomfortable when prodded–like an unseen or unrecognized child within.

In the Chiron aspects, yesterday, last wednesday and Monday, these voices may be–silently whispering, sometimes–in tears, they plead for listening.  It is a deep soulful thing for us to do with ourselves:–to listen to those chironic voices–a lot can come of listening at this time–to these voices within.

butterfly-LoveMusicTODAYS ASPECTS: Opening the New Moon cycle ahead: (in the next 28 days) Honoring Our new cycle of creation in the deepest dark of winter!

Grace in Words
~We begin with a beautiful NEW MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY. [5:43 am pst/ 6:43 am mst/ 7:43 am cst/ 8:43 am est]. This is almost as potent and beautiful as the New Moon Herself, which graced us early dawn yesterday.

GRace in the River of Life!!
[at 11:55 am pst/ 12:55 pm mst/ 1:55 pm cst/ 2:55 pm est] offers us a fantasy version of grace, celebration, tribe, family, the river of life, sweeping us up in a motion of love. This love is village-like. It is of our creator. It comes through all of us. We all are carrying each other in this river at different moments and being carried in the river at others. Who are you carrying? And who is carrying you? (in the great river). This is a day of grace in the river of life! A day to “sing each other to higher ground.”

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [at 3:36 pm pst/ 4:36 pm mst/ 5:36 pm cst/ 6:36 pm est]
more beauty, love and abundance for us! This is a sweet day of aspects–setting a beautiful canvas for us to create our own version of love beauty and magical abundant blessings for ourselves and others.

glynn-BrainTreeLight9 Magical Days of Completion begin today ~ In this 9 days of completion it is a time of Clearing! Clearing ourselves of unwanted energies, and grounding energies that need grounding. We can do this by cleaning, organizing and planning for the year ahead–sweeping away all that is not focused on our plan. With others, we can enact rituals of apology. Gifts of service and sharing with others with whom we’ve been through Heaven and Hell, or one or the other–with–these are some level of our human soul family. Apologizing to those we may have let down according to them, and offering repair as a form of “making more whole.” These are the rituals we can enact for good completion. Over the next 9 Days! 9 Days of Completion!

This is a great magical time of completion, repair, return and the magic of that, the power of that to return ourselves to a grounded, centered place, where we are ready to initiate a whole new Solar year!!! (at the Winter Solstice!)  The energy year will begin at that time. The Solar energy will stop waning and begin building–after Dec.21/22, 2015. The clock and sunlight will stop waning and become lighter by day, brighter by day, and we will begin to rise in spirit, light and energy ourselves. We tread now, still, down to the deepest darkest point in the solar cycle. The place where seeds are planted for the whole year ahead.


Soulworkers Astrology School Update!:
Founding a school was much more involved and took longer to create and fulfill–even with the most simple parts!

THANK YOU ALL WHO HAVE SUPPORED ME IN THIS CREATION AND SCHOOL BUILDING PROCESS! I wouldn’t have been able to found the school without you!

There is an official Opening Ceremony TODAY! Saturday! [lantern-festival-402049_12805pm pst/ 6pm mst/ 7pm cst/ 8pm est]. To inaugerate and bless the new school. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the apprenticeship program and the Flowering program for everyone.

I’m back at home now with a solid landline (from my quick whirlwind trip to Santa Fe!)–so I hope systems will work. Please send prayers of technical stability. I’ve chosen all the most simple systems I can find–easiest to use and least likely to break down! (because of my experience of gliches in the system possible!) Its my goal to streamline the “long-distance sharing” experience so we are getting the best most soulful juice, traction and results from our interconnectedness!

The first class is SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13thMeme F- the-pleiades-star-cluster-11–so if you’ve been wanting to sign up or register and haven’t yet–TODAY IS THE LAST DAY BEFORE CLASSES START!

As soon as you register you will receive more information and details.

You can register here: (click Here!)

or write to me: via the form at the bottom of this page (click here)