December 8, 2015 – Bottom of our Energy – Ascended Miracle Potential toward Evening ~

MOON is waning, down in Scorpio deep, meanwhile SUN is waning in her annual seasonal year long cycle. Both of the lights that feed us energy are on the decline, unwinding, releasing, and travelling down to the very bottom. The very bottom of each one’s cycle. The low point. So we are all feeling a low point.

haunted-castle-1004600_1280What is at the bottom? What is at the bottom is “where all the chips fall, when they fall?” who really cares is there? What do we deeply need for nourishment? Can we take extra time to rest and reflect?

Inward looking. Rest. More rest. Tenderness, gentleness, releases that are outbreaths and completions. Honoring of the year we’ve crossed and the people we’ve touched and been touched by. This is the bottom. Tired? that is why. We are waning down to exhale for the year.

Today has supportive peace-allowing aspects that invite us to ask for the miracles that we need at this time. MOON waning in Scorpio SEXTILES PLUTO [7:48 am pst/ 8:48 am mst/ 9:48 am cst/ 10:48 am est]: the deepest of the deep: life death, money and power. As the MOON wanes, we visit these places as we release and let go. Each of us–at a low energy point–may feel we have a “need for a miracle,” and today is a day to ask for one. Being clear and humble about what we are seeking for life at this moment–whether paying rent, buying a plane ticket, or other key things we need for the next phase on the journey, often money, investors, or cash flow, however its the freedom under the money we need most. Today we have an aspect that ushers our freedom. In one form or another we are being given keys to our freedom.

teapot-598122_1280SUN TRINE URANUS, this evening, [6:38 pm pst/ 7:38 pm mst/ 8:38 pm cst/ 9:38 pm est] is a magical dose of freedom. Whatever our prayer, our question, our unique need, we can put it in the electrical Uranian fire, and it may spit out a miracle.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [at 10:39 pm pst/ 11:39 pm mst/ 12:39 am cst/ 1:39 am est late night] – adds expansion and abundant potential to the waning let-go moon. This is a good aspect with which to send off communications to those we love and care about, as well as to those we need to complete with, or communicate something. Its a good time for a completion communication for the end of the year! Jupiter is a messenger who carries upliftment and a special kind of light.

May we send light to each other as we are all a little weary at the end of the year, the waning of the cycles.

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