December 7, 2015 – Inner Love Catharsis ~ In the Dark

Yesterday, MARS SQUARED PLUTO to bring the change energy for the month to one of its peaks. URANUS and PLUTO are in a tight square that we’ve been pulsing with for 4-5 years encounting. These two energy giants have pressure cooked us out of an old way of being and into another one–and are continuing to kill off parts of us and elicit other parts of self to grow. [Yesterday at 12:52 pm pdt/ 1:52 pm mst/ 2:52 pm cst/ 3:52 pm est]. MARS is an instigator, the agent of movement and shifting. When MARS comes in with an exact SQUARE, the essence is MOVE! Crevice-Water-RockDo not hesitate and do not hold back, rather step in, step forward, and step to your soul’s purpose! Move into the shift! This square echoes throughout December. The more conscious intent we can bring into the current shift, the better, as the changes come with opportunities to re-align our energies and re-purpose areas of self.

What are we being asked to kill off in ourselves and life and what is emerging? Pay attention to December 9th, 11th and 13th as additional pressurized dates to change. This upcoming Wednesday, SUN SQUARES CHIRON for a tight activation of wounding and/or healing. With Chiron, there is always an edge, between two expressions. The line between them can be a small line to cross. The line is webBugTwosticksbetween wounding and healing. In what circumstances with others can we heal and in what circumstances are we re-stimulated or re-wounded without much traction for actual healing? Traction is what we are looking for. With the SUN lighting up our deep crevice places, we can make big healing actions, both subtle and not-so-subtle.

TODAY ~ MOON enters the deepest sign of Scorpio [3:25 am pst/ 4:25 am mst/ 5:25 am cst/ 6:25 am est] for more honoring of little (and not so little) deaths. (endings), let go’s, completions and catharsings. This depth power and passion sign will be with us through Wednesday’s healing challenge.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [at 9:25 am pst/ 10:25 am mst/ 11:25 am cst/ 12:25 pm est] is sweet contact with love after the anxiety-producing lantern-festival-402049_1280deep change and trigger energy of yesterday. This sweet loving soothing presence is able to move through each of us with tenderness and beauty today.


MOON from our inner water, TRINES NEPTUNE – unlimited divine flow–this evening. [5:40 pm pst/ 6:40 pm mst/ 7:40 pm cst/ 8:40 pm est] Movement that is like a river. We are able to be bathed, cleansed and carried by the river today. The river of life is washing us with love, tenderness and subtlety that can light up our deep dark places with unconditional illuminated love.
gazebo-Snow-LakeMOON is waning in the deepest winter cycle, down toward the Dark Moon. Solar energy is still dropping, winding down to the Solar dark point. We are releasing the last solar bits, expressions, and areas of life from the whole last year, winding down to an outbreath of our essence!
In these low points, we are called within. In the tender supportive aspects of today and tomorrow: magic is emerging out of this inner dark place of introspection and healing inner light. Healing is emerging, in the dark unwinding solar year’s end.

Tomorrow : SUN TRINES URANUS offering a slate of magical miracle potential. May we make the wishes on our inner stars that need to be made.

May we honor the hermit in the dark with his candle within us. May we allow the tender places to be seen, washed and renewed with inner light.

. . . . . .

Soulworkers Astrology School Update: We will host an opening ceremony on Saturday, December 12th, and the first private class in the new emergent co-creative journey of Soul Flowering, beginning on December 13th–Sunday.

red-rose-in SnowTo register as a practitioner (serious student) in the training, or for the “gifting culture version of the course,” the Flowering program (click here)–for those of you who are looking to have a discipline that focuses your attention on your own soul’s emergent qualities. WE BEGIN December 12, 13 and January 3rd. We will take a break during the holidays!