November 28, 2015 – Death and Rebirth ~ Change in Action

path-434296MOON is still in mama Cancer, following our cathartic Chironic day yesterday (see yesterday’s post for more details on the Chiron station)–Chiron is now moving forward after half a year of retrograding into our closets to dig up all the unhealed places. Now we are moving on from this deeeeeep spot, in a new way. Mothering ourselves from pain to wisdom is the work of Chiron these days.

MOON SQUARE MARS [3:33 am pdt/ 4:33 am mdt/ 5:34 am cdt/ 6:34 am edt] offers a super active invitation for change. We are the change agents and the dreamers of the new world. Our actions are the changes.

caterpillar-610417_1920We are in a kind of birth canal as well as holding space for the deaths that are part of this great turning at hand. MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [at 11:49 am pdt/ 12:49 pm mdt/ 1:49 pm cdt/ 2:49 pm edt] – opens more change. A furthering of each one’s own personal catharsis in the earth-based cauldron of life and death.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [at 4:57 pm pdt/ 5:57 pm mdt/ 6:57 pm cdt/ 7:57 pm edt] offers a break through moment. Uranus is electrical and instant, can be shocking and awakening. It is always here to free us. The events of today that may shock us are inviting us to let go of our fears, and step into another way of being.

butterfly-1041896_1920The further we go into the night, we come out of the tightest part of the birth squeeze today, from caterpillar to butterfly–toward a freeing MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [at 12:03 am pdt] we free ourselves into the night!

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November 27, 2015 – CHIRON STATIONARY DIRECT ~ What is YOUR Chiron? What does it do for you and how do you embody it?

below-19038_1280Any Astrologer can “claim we know what Chiron is,” and nothing will tell YOU what YOUR CHIRON is, more accurately,  than YOUR WITNESSING: of yourself: TODAY! As you observe your internal landscape, and what YOU DO, when CHIRON STATIONS: Today–at [9:01 pm pdt/ 10:01 pm mdt/ 11:01 pm cdt/ 12:01 pm edt]. This station of Chiron is a moment of “noticing,” who we are in this place. This is a deep re-orienting. It has been a journey, to go “back,” as Chiron Retrogrades, back, into our personal history, where pain is stored (June 30th, 2015 until today).

Why is pain stored there?–It is not stored there for personal torture only, but for wisdom, that is acquired out of that pain, that is ours. This is a deep place for each of us. This is not a place to be “transcended,” or “over-looked,” but rather, DIVE IN to your deepest pain, the places that squirm with discomfort, rawness, and a crevice between desire and fulfillment. Dive in and seek the wisdom until it is emergent in you, as your gift, that you share like cookies, with a recipe and all. The cookies of your pain to wisdom adventure of your life.

oHealingVesselThis is your Chiron Mystery unfolding before you. A NEW part of your healing journey begins TODAY! CHIRON IS STATIONARY DIRECT this evening. All day the planet slows to this stationing point, where its direction changes, from backward to forward. We can become whole by walking the journey of our heart. There is a map there. Chiron will show us some important points on that map of heart and soul–today and tomorrow, surrounding the station. Today is the death–the end of an old way. Tomorrow has new forward motion, new wisdom, new emergence, new wholeness and creativity unfurling from our true deep places–the ones we can miss if we don’t get quiet.

CosmicStarSwirlconnectionsWhere is this abyss in you? Where do you long to be more whole than your experience? Where is there separation where you wish it came together?

Where do you call out to be touched, loved, held, journeyed, expressed, shared, achieved, spoken, released, created, in love? (click here for a soundtrack to this question)

Where are you imperfect? Where do you wish you were more perfect? Where does it hurt that you failed? How can you build that part of yourself? What do you have to share that came out of your most painful times? horse-snow-eyeHow are YOU unique due to your deepest painful places? What are those places speaking of? What is the wisdom they announce to you that you store inside? . . . . Secretly, this is your deep, soulful VIRGO place. yes, I have been an astrologer for 20 years, via observation and practice and I attribute Chiron as a Planetary ruler of Virgo, (alongside Mercury)–it is the more earthly planetary ruler of Virgo–for me the more accurate signpost of what we are doing in that area of ourselves that is wounded and healed, wounded and healed. What is this function and what does it touch in us? Could it be an aspect of our soul?

grotto-985590_1280The Great Mother loves to hold our soul. The other aspects, today that surround this CHIRON STATION, giving us a witness to our own meaningful wounded soul, right in the place where it matters most–reveal the Great Mother is with us in this place of deepest pain!

I honor that place where your most sensitive part, meets my most sensitive part, and there is a non-verbal wholeness that emerges from the touch. May we love each other into wholeness with our eyes of healing, wisdom, knowing and emergence.

MOON enters the Mother’s sign of Cancer AncientYinYang[at 11:27 am pdt/ 12:27 pm mdt/ 1:27 pm cdt/ 2:27 pm edt] just in time for the Chiron station. From light-hearted and chatty, we drop into deep mothering. We need to mother ourselves in our deepest pain on days when that is called for. The mothering force within is ready to hold us here.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [at 11:38 pm pdt/ 12:38 am mdt/ (late night)/1:38 am cdt/ 2:38 am edt]–a place of deep tiger-withBabyInSnownurturance awaits us in the ocean of our self-mothering consciousness. If we are not nurtured by the great force of the Mother today, from within, through us, or around us–we are not paying attention–when we listen, the Great Divine Feminine is with us, and She Loves us. May we channel Her Love in our own unique way on this day of raw fertile power to heal.

Soulworkers Astrology School is more than an “Astrology Reading School,” it is a journey into the core of your spiritual self, your soul, and your uniqueness, so that you establish a foundation for your life that is if YOUR essence. Once you are grounded in your flourishing essence, ignited, in mary-140553_1280alignment and on-fire, you can navigate your life like a master–achieving what you came here to do! <3 In this spirit we are still accepting registrations for a course beginning on October 12th, 2015. We invite you to participate as part of the New Gift Economy, where things are “gifted,” in all directions, so everyone has what they need in the end.


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November 26, 2015 – NEPTUNE and SATURN

As we feel the peak of this FULL MOON in Gemini, we waterfall-77676_1920can recognize the two giant powers that ask us to balance differing forces: SATURN and NEPTUNE as they enter a SQUARE today and we feel them as if in balance, in tension to cause us to ask, “How do we balance these two powers within us?” [4:15 am pdt/ 5:15 am mdt/ 6:15 am cdt/ 7:15 am edt]

As human beings, we are alchemists of time and space, of elements, and of physical 3-D creations. We are here to master these areas. This balancing act of elemental neptune-39403_1280energies and “bits of creation,” is no small task.

Our entire lives have led us to this balancing act. In this moment. We may witness the ultimate river of chaos and movement, uncontrollable movement, others, weather, and many outside forces, influencing, reflecting and moving us like the river we ride, that is endlessly moving–(Neptune). Can you feel the river of change that is an uncontrollable tide?  Can you feel yourself riding it, or feeling overwhelmed by it?

Meanwhile, we have our inner structure, our Saturnian discipline driven, choice driven power. We have the power to create anything with a consistent focus of attention. Any good human-spiritual practitioner hasspace-54999_640 learned that “a little attention,” goes a long way.   This is a Saturn Secret. A little attention every day, keeps the doctor and the disease away. Saturn is our ability to focus, to make choices and to ulitimately “control,” our lives. Although “control” is not anyone’s favorite word, in my experience as an Astrologer, we have a lot more “control,” over our lives than we think. A simple meditation practice of manifesting a clearly chosen path can create that, and there is no one between you and your meditation.

neptune-660763_1920 waterfall-335985_1920Neptune is an area where we must surrender, places like rain, floods, or unexpected visitors. These movements of energy seem to enter our lives “unintended,” and yet, flowing under us and through us like the un-controllable wisdom of the ocean to dissolve our sand-castles.

MOON SEXTILES URANUS [at 1:16 pm pdt/ 2:16 pm mdt/ 3:16 pm cdt/ 4:16 pm edt] They tell me that its “evolution,” . . . Talkin’ about a Revolution . . . . we are all John Lennon today.

waterfall-851041_1920MOON SQUARE JUPITER [7:24 pm pdt/ 8:24 pm mdt/ 9:24 pm cdt/ 10:24 pm edt] expands us beyond the recesses of our tiny resistances.

MOON TRINE VENUS [7:35 pm pdt/ 8:35 pm mdt/9:35 pm cdt/ 10:35 pm edt] is the sweetest Thanksgiving aspect we could have on such a day!

Wheras SATURN and NEPTUNE SQUARING may feel like the two great powers at odds, or mixed up, upside down, or things, “needing to be sorted,” there is this sweet “present moment,” meeting of hearts.

This VENUS/MOON evening–in Gemini–is a truely beautiful aspect to flower in the Thanks-giving night.

May we be greatful for all things,turkey-bird-882821_1920 all beings and all forces. May we honor all things. Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for YOU! each of YOU, and the flowering garden of humanity we are growing here. I know we are growing together and its so beautiful. <3 cheers.


. . . . . . . . . . . .

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November 25, 2015 – Full Moonify!

painting-moons-facesToday’s FULL MOON, in the afternoon, has the paradox of being a light-filled, flight oriented MOON, amidst a darker landscape of natural and tension-oriented squares, pressuring us through our unique and personal world-birth-canal.

In Gemini, we see, not each other, but our projections upon each other. The MOON in its changing light, as it rises and brightens, has the power to iluminate that space, allowing us to change the fabric between us.

FULL MOON in Gemini occurs [at 2:44 pm pdt/ 3:44 pm mdt/ 4:44 pm cdt/ 5:44 pm edt]. This is the peak of energy, and experience for this 28 day cycle of the creation of our lives. Moving around the wheel of life, Gemini is the season of flight and light. Clearing a path inside our psyches for more joy, we can let go of the old unhealthy over-attached mental states.

mindset-743163_1920MERCURY CONJUNCT SATURN yesterday, was a death of our old mind. Today we are invited into fresh territory, as the MOON is FULL in Gemini, lover of the mind, inviting, and shining new light into crevices of old thinking patterns. We are in a phase of renewal and rebirth of our fresh, innocent selves.

Meanwhile, amdist a lightening, a deeper pressure increases in our lives, as PLUTO and URANUS tighten together in their 90 Degree SQUARE dance once again, (in an ongoing years-long pressure-moved & power-based shift). Squares are a natural part of our lives, charts and experience. They are part of 3-D relationships and building. We integrate differences, paradoxes and unique parts, unlike each other. The unique pressures we experience today are still “pushing us through from one perceptual world to another.” The most “crunchy” part of our awakening is allowing our own mind to shift.

MERCURY SEXTILE MARS early in the morning [8:31 am pdt/ 9:31 am mdt/ 10:31 am cdt/ 11:31 am edt]  is an action that begins our new slate. kids-colorsFirst baby steps in a new mindset can be like walking barefoot, blindfolded in unknown territory. Still we step forward.

Since SATURN is now in Sagittarius, along with the SUN–this FULL MOON is bringing a light to our “life’s work.” It’s a more “serious” seasonal moon than we usually have at this time. There is a depth, a graveness, and a responsibility to this time. We are called to be parents, even as the inner child is ignited in the Gemini Full Moonlight! What new way in our work are we birthing?

MOON OPPOSES SATURN and SQUARES NEPTUNE highlighting personally, tomorrow’s SATURN/NEPTUNE SQUARE–we walk the unknown into uncharted territory without maps. Like ships on the ocean, the stars can be our guide in foggy times.

This NEPTUNE SQUARE has been increasing in its confusion-oriented tension. Its ok, to “not know,” and hands-565604_1920“not see clearly,” the trick is to feel it, daily enough to “go with the authentic flow.” We all know where that is! Even if there’s no map and no rudder in our own hand. The rudder is in our prayers and inner sensory vision. The exact SQUARE is tomorrow at 4:15 am pdt. (tomorrow’s blog will cover this square more fully).

This FULL MOON today, is bringing to fruition, more than just this cycle–we are learning a new way of “seeing,” WhiteGlassesGirlthat is more comfortable with uncharted, unmapped, unknown territory.

MOON TRINE MARS late tonight [10:23 pm pdt/ 11:23 pm mdt/ 12:23 pm cdt/ 1:23 pm edt] offers another infusion of innocence, newness and activation, in the Full Moon Light–this is a good night for dancing!

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [at 11:26 pm pdt/ 12:26 am mdt/ 1:26 am cdt/ 2:26 am edt]–is a mentally-based-opposition. Its better to dance than to talk. Its better to close your eyes than to look with them. Its better to look within than without. its better to see similarities tied by unique and different beings,  made of the same fabric of creator, meanwhile knowing our own uniqueness without judgement of others difference from us.  In thought, we are all different, in heart more the same. hands-437968_1920

May we reach inside to anchor each other in the presence of each other’s hands, amidst the seas of unknown futures, we each face. May we anchor in the heart, and in our hands, tied together with love. HAPPY FULL MOON in GEMINI!!

. . . . . . . . . . .

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November 24, 2015 – Re-Structuring Communications ~ Infrastructure Upgrade

Cars, Phones, inter-relatedness, our mouth, our thinking, and the structures that allow us to “do our life,” communicating, and functioning in our life’s work, are at a renewal point today. think-622165_1920

MERCURY CONJUNCT SATURN in the evening [8:57 pm pdt/ 9:57 pm mdt/ 10:57 pm cdt/11:57 pm edt] hits a re-set button on our Mercurial world.

Mercury is our inter-relatedness part. Saturn is our physical world inter-face. These two make quite a bit of our reality–happen.  Today, a kind of completion, revision and new steps.

We may notice important death/rebirth and renewal type of shifts occurring in important areas of life. Important or “ground-breaking communications are coming through us.”

Saturn is the ground under which we do what we do. It provides the dirt, shoes and walkways. Mercury is where we touch our feet to those walkways, and decide how to interface. Do we walk or drive? Do we commute or stay home? How do we move forward in a new level of understanding? New understandings are arriving.

MERCURY is SQUARE NEPTUNE – [11:14 pm pdt/ 12:14 am mdt/ 1:14 am cdt/ 2:14 am edt] – for communications that are “in the unknown,” affected by divine and inviisible forces, taking us to the ground and water–the basics–within us.

. . . . . . . . .