November 28, 2015 – Death and Rebirth ~ Change in Action

path-434296MOON is still in mama Cancer, following our cathartic Chironic day yesterday (see yesterday’s post for more details on the Chiron station)–Chiron is now moving forward after half a year of retrograding into our closets to dig up all the unhealed places. Now we are moving on from this deeeeeep spot, in a new way. Mothering ourselves from pain to wisdom is the work of Chiron these days.

MOON SQUARE MARS [3:33 am pdt/ 4:33 am mdt/ 5:34 am cdt/ 6:34 am edt] offers a super active invitation for change. We are the change agents and the dreamers of the new world. Our actions are the changes.

caterpillar-610417_1920We are in a kind of birth canal as well as holding space for the deaths that are part of this great turning at hand. MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [at 11:49 am pdt/ 12:49 pm mdt/ 1:49 pm cdt/ 2:49 pm edt] – opens more change. A furthering of each one’s own personal catharsis in the earth-based cauldron of life and death.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [at 4:57 pm pdt/ 5:57 pm mdt/ 6:57 pm cdt/ 7:57 pm edt] offers a break through moment. Uranus is electrical and instant, can be shocking and awakening. It is always here to free us. The events of today that may shock us are inviting us to let go of our fears, and step into another way of being.

butterfly-1041896_1920The further we go into the night, we come out of the tightest part of the birth squeeze today, from caterpillar to butterfly–toward a freeing MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [at 12:03 am pdt] we free ourselves into the night!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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