November 26, 2015 – NEPTUNE and SATURN

As we feel the peak of this FULL MOON in Gemini, we waterfall-77676_1920can recognize the two giant powers that ask us to balance differing forces: SATURN and NEPTUNE as they enter a SQUARE today and we feel them as if in balance, in tension to cause us to ask, “How do we balance these two powers within us?” [4:15 am pdt/ 5:15 am mdt/ 6:15 am cdt/ 7:15 am edt]

As human beings, we are alchemists of time and space, of elements, and of physical 3-D creations. We are here to master these areas. This balancing act of elemental neptune-39403_1280energies and “bits of creation,” is no small task.

Our entire lives have led us to this balancing act. In this moment. We may witness the ultimate river of chaos and movement, uncontrollable movement, others, weather, and many outside forces, influencing, reflecting and moving us like the river we ride, that is endlessly moving–(Neptune). Can you feel the river of change that is an uncontrollable tide?  Can you feel yourself riding it, or feeling overwhelmed by it?

Meanwhile, we have our inner structure, our Saturnian discipline driven, choice driven power. We have the power to create anything with a consistent focus of attention. Any good human-spiritual practitioner hasspace-54999_640 learned that “a little attention,” goes a long way.   This is a Saturn Secret. A little attention every day, keeps the doctor and the disease away. Saturn is our ability to focus, to make choices and to ulitimately “control,” our lives. Although “control” is not anyone’s favorite word, in my experience as an Astrologer, we have a lot more “control,” over our lives than we think. A simple meditation practice of manifesting a clearly chosen path can create that, and there is no one between you and your meditation.

neptune-660763_1920 waterfall-335985_1920Neptune is an area where we must surrender, places like rain, floods, or unexpected visitors. These movements of energy seem to enter our lives “unintended,” and yet, flowing under us and through us like the un-controllable wisdom of the ocean to dissolve our sand-castles.

MOON SEXTILES URANUS [at 1:16 pm pdt/ 2:16 pm mdt/ 3:16 pm cdt/ 4:16 pm edt] They tell me that its “evolution,” . . . Talkin’ about a Revolution . . . . we are all John Lennon today.

waterfall-851041_1920MOON SQUARE JUPITER [7:24 pm pdt/ 8:24 pm mdt/ 9:24 pm cdt/ 10:24 pm edt] expands us beyond the recesses of our tiny resistances.

MOON TRINE VENUS [7:35 pm pdt/ 8:35 pm mdt/9:35 pm cdt/ 10:35 pm edt] is the sweetest Thanksgiving aspect we could have on such a day!

Wheras SATURN and NEPTUNE SQUARING may feel like the two great powers at odds, or mixed up, upside down, or things, “needing to be sorted,” there is this sweet “present moment,” meeting of hearts.

This VENUS/MOON evening–in Gemini–is a truely beautiful aspect to flower in the Thanks-giving night.

May we be greatful for all things,turkey-bird-882821_1920 all beings and all forces. May we honor all things. Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for YOU! each of YOU, and the flowering garden of humanity we are growing here. I know we are growing together and its so beautiful. <3 cheers.


. . . . . . . . . . . .

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