November 25, 2015 – Full Moonify!

painting-moons-facesToday’s FULL MOON, in the afternoon, has the paradox of being a light-filled, flight oriented MOON, amidst a darker landscape of natural and tension-oriented squares, pressuring us through our unique and personal world-birth-canal.

In Gemini, we see, not each other, but our projections upon each other. The MOON in its changing light, as it rises and brightens, has the power to iluminate that space, allowing us to change the fabric between us.

FULL MOON in Gemini occurs [at 2:44 pm pdt/ 3:44 pm mdt/ 4:44 pm cdt/ 5:44 pm edt]. This is the peak of energy, and experience for this 28 day cycle of the creation of our lives. Moving around the wheel of life, Gemini is the season of flight and light. Clearing a path inside our psyches for more joy, we can let go of the old unhealthy over-attached mental states.

mindset-743163_1920MERCURY CONJUNCT SATURN yesterday, was a death of our old mind. Today we are invited into fresh territory, as the MOON is FULL in Gemini, lover of the mind, inviting, and shining new light into crevices of old thinking patterns. We are in a phase of renewal and rebirth of our fresh, innocent selves.

Meanwhile, amdist a lightening, a deeper pressure increases in our lives, as PLUTO and URANUS tighten together in their 90 Degree SQUARE dance once again, (in an ongoing years-long pressure-moved & power-based shift). Squares are a natural part of our lives, charts and experience. They are part of 3-D relationships and building. We integrate differences, paradoxes and unique parts, unlike each other. The unique pressures we experience today are still “pushing us through from one perceptual world to another.” The most “crunchy” part of our awakening is allowing our own mind to shift.

MERCURY SEXTILE MARS early in the morning [8:31 am pdt/ 9:31 am mdt/ 10:31 am cdt/ 11:31 am edt]  is an action that begins our new slate. kids-colorsFirst baby steps in a new mindset can be like walking barefoot, blindfolded in unknown territory. Still we step forward.

Since SATURN is now in Sagittarius, along with the SUN–this FULL MOON is bringing a light to our “life’s work.” It’s a more “serious” seasonal moon than we usually have at this time. There is a depth, a graveness, and a responsibility to this time. We are called to be parents, even as the inner child is ignited in the Gemini Full Moonlight! What new way in our work are we birthing?

MOON OPPOSES SATURN and SQUARES NEPTUNE highlighting personally, tomorrow’s SATURN/NEPTUNE SQUARE–we walk the unknown into uncharted territory without maps. Like ships on the ocean, the stars can be our guide in foggy times.

This NEPTUNE SQUARE has been increasing in its confusion-oriented tension. Its ok, to “not know,” and hands-565604_1920“not see clearly,” the trick is to feel it, daily enough to “go with the authentic flow.” We all know where that is! Even if there’s no map and no rudder in our own hand. The rudder is in our prayers and inner sensory vision. The exact SQUARE is tomorrow at 4:15 am pdt. (tomorrow’s blog will cover this square more fully).

This FULL MOON today, is bringing to fruition, more than just this cycle–we are learning a new way of “seeing,” WhiteGlassesGirlthat is more comfortable with uncharted, unmapped, unknown territory.

MOON TRINE MARS late tonight [10:23 pm pdt/ 11:23 pm mdt/ 12:23 pm cdt/ 1:23 pm edt] offers another infusion of innocence, newness and activation, in the Full Moon Light–this is a good night for dancing!

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [at 11:26 pm pdt/ 12:26 am mdt/ 1:26 am cdt/ 2:26 am edt]–is a mentally-based-opposition. Its better to dance than to talk. Its better to close your eyes than to look with them. Its better to look within than without. its better to see similarities tied by unique and different beings,  made of the same fabric of creator, meanwhile knowing our own uniqueness without judgement of others difference from us.  In thought, we are all different, in heart more the same. hands-437968_1920

May we reach inside to anchor each other in the presence of each other’s hands, amidst the seas of unknown futures, we each face. May we anchor in the heart, and in our hands, tied together with love. HAPPY FULL MOON in GEMINI!!

. . . . . . . . . . .

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