November 23, 2015 – Grounded Earth – Love Breakthrough

MOON enters Taurus this morning, bringing us into the earthly sign of Venus. sun-AutumnLeafHeart[8:26 am pdt/ 9:26 am mdt/ 10:26 am cdt/ 11:26 am edt] Prior to this we were in a small morning VOID between fire and earth. (Aries and Taurus) Venus’ earth sign is where we are able to fully enjoy the sensual realities of earth.

VENUS INCONJUNCT CHIRON is a deeply uncomfortable (potentially) contact with our wound–the feminine side of it. [1:22 pm pdt/ 2:22 pm mdt/ 3:22 pm cdt/ 4:22 pm edt]. This contact is to bring us into touch with what is moving in the deep collective feminine. We are touching the cracks and breaks, seeing where there is a bridge between people, and where there are two islands departing in the big sea of life. The acts of “separation,” and “union,” are big topics these days amongst men and women, and this is one of those times of presencing this mystery of coming together or moving apart with our “others,” in life.

VENUS OPPOSITE URANUS  [2:13 pm pdt/ 3:13 pm mdt/ 4:13 pm cdt/ 5:13 pm edt] is a radical freedom aspect. rotorua-438514_1920This is the breakthrough power and juice of today! Radical separation from things that are inhibiting our freedom, truth or authenticity is at hand. This aspect is much more about letting go of everything, than holding onto anything. Our hearts are alive and the best way to “draw,” the right people and things into our lives is to let go and love all that is before us. The juicy love magnetises the next best things in, while the Uranian winds sweep us clean of old consciousness–especially around our essence and way of loving.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [7:51 pm pdt/ 8:51 mdt/ 9:51 cdt/ 10:51 edt] is a divine hand touching our home-heart. seagull-733898_1280Whatever breakthrough’s revolutions and releases we are going through, they are touched by the tender grace of the creator. Amidst the little shocks and human foibles, there is grace.

MARS SEXTILE SATURN is a productive constructive work aspect. We build toward this grounded functionality all day. [at 9:19 pm pdt/ 10:19 pm mdt/ 11:19 pm cdt/ 12:19 am edt]. If we have the feeling of being productive late at night–go for it–the traction and action pads are in place for constructive progress on the big life’s work at hand. (our personal Saturn).tibet-694652_1280

Note: Odd technical difficulties are at large–I attribute them to the SATURN/NEPTUNE SQUARE where sometimes Neptune can dissolve the Saturnian world before us. A wolf puppy ate my mac power chord, and internet goes down inconsistently! However, I’m happy to continue to deliver dailies in the midst of crazy techy weather! Love to all! May all tech issues be in service to greater joy in the long run.