November 22, 2015 – Calling in Spiritual Maturity!

We are in a time of extreme paradox, clearing and pressure. Reality is slippery and mutable, (due to Neptune T-Square)–and our visionary L-Meme-L -milky-way-923invisible-world-connected selves are more and more surfacing.  Many of us are shifting in internal-consciousness-landscape, in “whole system ways,” & “whole fabric ways,” that upgrade our way of seeing or an entire way of holding vibrational frequency.  One small upgrade in one area, or a release of frequency in another area, can influence the whole system, upgrading the whole fabric to another level. All of our spiritual practices are helpful at this time!

MOON is SQUARE PLUTO this morning, baby-feet-402844_1920[6 am pdt/ 7 am mdt/ 8 am cdt/ 9 am edt]. Even as the moon rises in light, reflecting an increasingly solar-flared SUN, it is digging in the depths of us, resourcing past lives, ancient spirits, and extreme spaces. PLUTO as it moves toward another 8th SQUARE with URANUS–tightening, not to be exact, but close enough to feel like it (mid December)!

On December 6th: MARS SQUARES PLUTO–a peak of the pressure that is now building. This will be one of the release valves on that pressure. We are able to access a host of angelic connection and wholeness on one side, and the potential of  deep shadow contact in all the ways we might imagine, on the other side. This earth is made and filled with all things dark and light. As we walk in the middle, we are the great balancers, or the great destroyers.

SUN enters Sagittarius this morning [at 7:25 am pdt/ 8:25 am mdt/ 9:25 am cdt/ 10:25 am edt]–into elevated, arrow-rending season of intentions and collaborative visioning.

May we call in the maturity needed to birth the new era into sight.

We can welcome the fiery light, Sagittarian consciousness ascending from deep ancient resources-of-the-dark-Scorpio season. SATURN is in Sagittarius in its SQUARE with NEPTUNE in Pisces. SUN will conjoin SATURN on November 29th for a moment of ultimate calling-for-our-maturity.

Pisces to Sagittarius–these are natural squares that live here all the time, now emphasized with more power and firmness. The only way out of the current predicaments is with more real divinity and more real spiritual maturity, in response to all things in need of balancing.

We are continuing to clear the consciousness patterns that didn’t get cleared in the four years (7 URANUS SQUARE PLUTO aspects in 4 years!). We are still in the pressure cooker soup of PLUTO SQUARE URANUS--tightening and “cooking” in us, at a 2 degree SQUARE through the spring.  The Square loosens heading further into spring 2016. For now, we’re purifying more shadow, and pressure cooking ourselves from our old beliefs to new beliefs, old ways to new ways. The pressure will push us into a new consciousness by spring!

There is a “tightening in the cauldron,” soup-bowl-425168_1920an increasing pressure that will be building toward December 6th with a point of release, and then onward pressuring into spring 2016. As we notice the pressure increasing within us, and around us, we can notice what is being purified and released, and where we are being guided, on the river of mishaps, odd alignments that arise, and the connections that fall away.

This pressure can be used to push us through into ascended areas of expression, collaboration and resourcing, in response to the changes underway.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [at 8:57 am pdt/ 9:57 am mdt/ 10:57 am cdt/ 11:57 am edt] is a feminine opposition, mother-937038_1920death and/or resurrection. Its not all so dramatic, and these small drama’s happen in small ways in our lives. Little deaths are meaningful changes. This is a full feminine shift point. Releasing tension related to love. Upgrading our ability to take in pleasure and joy!  As we carve the resources of our hearts, they can spring forth with a deeper love.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [at 11:16 am pdt/ 12:16 pm mdt/ 1:16 pm cdt/ 2:16 pm edt] is an awakening moment before a Sunday VOID! This is a rest space before the next two days of poignant responsibility and spiritual maturity aspects!

VENUS OPPOSITE URANUS on Monday is a Love revolution--requiring honesty and passionate delivery of ourselves into this world.

MERCURY CONJUNCT SATURN on Tuesday is a maturity infusion into our psyche. We must be grandmothers and grandfathers this week.

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