November 20, 2015 – Home Base Expansion – Love Power Shift

MOON in Pisces SEXTILE PLUTO in Capricorn [3:54 am pdt/ 4:54 am mdt/5:54 am cdt/ 6:54 am edt] is a nice sunrise-dockwhouseinner lullabye, to mourn all the deaths that are underway in the current transitional space.

MERCURY enters Sagittarius for a mental shift that uplifts us from the more intense and shadowy nature of Scorpio in our mind. In Sagittarius, we have joy, humor, vision and the whole world in our spirit. May we soar with the natural optimism of the natural archer.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [at 2:06 pm pdt/ 3:06 pm mdt/ 4:06 pm cdt/ 5:06 pm edt] offers a home base expansion. MOON is rising toward its full point, and while the energy is weaving and rising and rising and weaving, we are expanded to antoher state of consciousness, or expanding our home base with more love, more people, more joy and/or more wisdom.

heart-In-SandVENUS SQUARE PLUTO in the evening [6:02 pm pdt/ 7:02 pm mdt/ 8:02 pm cdt/ 9:02 pm edt] offers a love corner. Love and Power have a way of flipping back and forth. Rather than power over love, may we have love over and under power, Power that emanates from the heart of love. Love and Power can live simultaneously in one body. Can we hold them both?

May love rule and win all games we play down on earth.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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