November 18, 2015 – NEPTUNE Direct! Down-River!

Neptune, planet of flowing things is changing directions! From Retrograde to Direct, waterFlowtoday is the stationary day, where sometimes there is a flood or a strange shift of our feelings. We have jumped into the “river,” and are flowing downstream now. If things felt “blocked,” or as if we were in a state of “review,” or backward flowing motion, today, we can “let go,” and allow the flow to carry us downstream.

NEPTUNE STATIONS [at 8:31 am pdt/ 9:31 am mdt/ 10:31 pm cdt/ 11:31 pm edt] in our personal lives and in our worlds. An inner shift of sensory nature is flowing forward. Our vision, our perception, our nature to sing, dance and be beautiful–this watery creative abundant energy is fluid and flowing forward in our lives now.

SUN SQUARE MOON [at 10:27 pm pdt/ 11:27 pm mdt/ 12:27 am cdt/ 1:27 am edt] takes us to the light side of the lunar cycle, heading toward FULL MOON, on November 25th! This is a highly creative week ahead! Full of rising light!

May the source be with you, as the waters of life flow forward!

Astrologers Note: My power was out this morning, due to high winds! Neptune will often overflow into our lives in interesting ways on the stationary days.