November 16, 2015 – Preparation for Community Abundance

spiral-726357_1280MOON SQUARE URANUS {12:10 am pdt/ 11:10 am mdt/ 12:10 am cdt/ 1:10 am edt} may shock us into awakening beyond the old dull habits, patterns and behaviors. We are in a time of being “shocked awake,” by those around us. We are called to rise in an upward spiral of creative ascent!

MOON TRINE JUPITER {3:45 am pdt/ 4:45 am mdt/ 5:45 am cdt/ 6:45 am edt} is a download of abundance, into our lives, abundance of spirit, of money and of love!

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY {11:25 am pdt/ 12:25 pm mdt/ 1:25 pm cdt/ 2:25 edt} is a communications link-up. There is electrical connectivity buzzing. MERCURY is about to conjoin the SUN tomorrow, and it is being lit up. Our minds are ascending. Frequencies are rising, and communications are enlivening, and creative!

SUN SEXTILE MOON {at 12:53 pm pdt/ 1:53 pm mdt/ 2:53 pm cdt/ 3:53 pm edt} is a male female friendship, support, brotherly, sisterly love! May we be the wind under each other’s wings ~ MOON GOES VOID at this time, for the rest of the day, into a magical in-between/transition zone.

MOON enters Aquarius {at 11:24 pm pdt/ 12:24 am mdt/1:24 am cdt/ 2:24 am edt}- this background-YellowFlowercommunity-oriented moon will welcome a lit-up field of MERCURY CONJUNCT SUN tomorrow! Communications, inspiration, solar power and ascension of our mental states are ignited!

. . . . . . . .

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