November 11, 2015 – New Moon in Scorpio ~ Resourcing Deep Shadow Places allied with Divine Communications and Grace 11-11

ruby-falls-61175_1920This NEW MOON in Scoprio, is a new opening of soulwork, clarifiying energies and deep healing energy. We can transform our money world and utilize our sexual nature for our own sacred sexual healing work and manigestation!

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [at 1:49 am PST/ 2:49 am MST/ 3:49 am CST/ 4:49 am EST] at the very last empty out of the old cycle this early morning, before the MOON hits the NEW point, is a communications exit. Through our mouth, we invoke final releases, and an outbreath of the old cycle in dreamtime and pre-dawn. Through our mouth we breathe new life into old dirt, as we end one cycle and begin a new one.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [8:41 am pst/ 9:41 am mst/ 10:41 am cst/ 11:41 am est] is an expansive place opening, in which to say our New Moon prayers and do our Intention Setting for the lunar creation month ahead.

NEW MOON, the deepest new moon wbud-in rockholee have all year, in Scorpio [at 9:47 am pst/ 10:47 am mst/ 11:47 am cst/ 12:47 pm est] is lit up by the dark-special expansive light of Jupiter.  With this light we can take on all the challenges of the last four years, one last time, sweeping the underworld, the root-cellars, and the underground closets, clean, ready for fresh underground projects.

As we set  intentions today and tomorrow, may butterfly-overShadowHorse(chironreturn)we understand the power of dropping our heart-felt yearnings into the wings of Jupiter’s breath as we move across the NEW MOON!

Sometimes our deep shadow places, places of deep grief, anger or even rage, can become portals to a special kind of soulful driven creativity. This resource of our own deep feelings, catharsis and shadow clearing, can provide the openings and dirt for the butterflies within the deepest dark, to be set free, transforming our pain to wisdom, our unhealed places to wholeness, and our short-comings to launch pads.

This lunar cycle is deeply creative in that shadow digging kind of way–where the jewels are lurking in the depths. With Jupiter nearby and in Scorpio, our money, resource and ability to expand our financial freedom are inside this cycle! The cycle peaks at the FULL MOON on November 25th.

Jupiter in Virgo says: journal-791286_1920Clean the office and find pathways to abundance you forgot about! This really is a good cycle to “clean your office out,” and find unexpected things that open good doors!

May this cycle of deep shadow clearing, healing and the resulting creativity, be stretched full of flowing expanded abundance!

. . . . . . . . . .

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