November 2, 2015 – Inner Fire, Inner Union

MOON is in Royal Leo, [as of 7:48 am pdt/ 8:48 am mdt/ 9:48 am cdt/ 10:48 am edt]
Today MARS and VENUS come together. When one first imagines MARS and VENUS, in one’s life, one might pair-607387_1280think of romance, and yet as I observe these days over time they are so much deeper and more interesting to me in the way I see the divine Masculine and the divine Feminine often incarnating through these special moments.

And–for a ritual Union moment–this is the inner merge within of Mars and Venus. The Inner Sacred Marriage! The EXACT CONJUNCTION [is 5:10 pm pdt/ 6:10 pm mdt/ 7:10 pm cdt/ 8:10 pm edt].

It is a curious investigation to notice what occurs that is reflective of this inner connection of masculine self and feminine self. (as above so below, as within, so without). What happens within you today ~ when Mars and Venus come together?hands-769648_1920

Mercury is freshly in Scorpio this morning! Our minds go even deeper, with penetrating focus we can accomplish any task! ~ MOON SQUARE MERCURY this morning: Leo to Scorpio is a morning busy-mind square [9:06 am pdt/ 10:06 am mdt/ 11:06 am cdt/ 12:06 pm edt]. We are working out love and money.

MOON TRINE SATURN [at 3:59 pm pdt/ 4:59 pm mdt/ 5:59 pm cdt/ 6:59 pm edt] is a maturity moment of growth. We are sustained and supported by clear intention, and actions that follow, consistently over time. Saturn likes one step at a time, each day over time. We arecat-wDog rewarded for these stepping stones today.

Its a VENUS and MARS celebration and renewal / rebirth and return this evening. 



. . . . . . . . . . . .

Astrology School Update ~ Now that I have great help–we are working together and the school registration will be released in the next few days. E-mails will go out in the next week. Thank you for staying with us! We are so excited to share our new classes! <3