November 1, 2015 – Catharsis and New Harmony after Death/Rebirth

bridge-13329_640Early this morning, pre-dawn MOON in mama Cancer OPPOSED PLUTO [1:53 am pdt/ 2:53 am mdt/ 3:53 pm cdt/ 4:53 am edt] –marking another ‘thrust’ in the birth canal of shifting from one era to another, one belief matrix to antother, one way of doing relationships to another, one way of doing life to another. we are being molded by the divine higher forces of creation and in the middle of the night–pre-dawn, death and rebirth is aboot. (in cyclic nature), another catharsis, another death, another rebirth.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [at 7:17 am pdt/ 8:17 am mdt/ 9:17 cdt/ 10:17 edt]  is a home to energetic gift radiance. We are receiving gifts of home, gifts of allyship with forces outside of ourselves, who come in to lift us. We have allies today! On both sides of the veil (of course)–especially on this ALL SAINTS DAY!!cemetery-577226_1920

MOON SQUARE URANUS [at 8:52 am pdt/ 9:52 am mdt/10:52 am cdt/ 11:52 am edt] is a morning shocking awakening, perhaps a rise n shine up all the sudden! we are awakening on more than one level today. We awaken to the morning and we awaken to a new consciousness.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [at 6:47 pm pdt/ 7:47 pm mdt/ 8:47 am mdt/ 9:47 am edt] Is a feminine kiss of allies. Grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and priestesses gather on these days to honor the ancestral lineages that we travel through time. May we thank and honor our grandmothers, our sisters and our female others, for holding the crossing between the veils. As woman–we often “see” the other side more easily and can be conduits, bridges and channels for the messages and love from one side of the veil to the other.

MOON SEXTILE MARS is a friendship between grandma and her sons. The Divine Feminine Ancestors are reaching to touch the hearts of all beings today–both women and men. And they are guiding us in our actions. We can listen to our ancestors. Be clear about “which ancestors,” we are dealing with and once we know its the angelic side, we can listen to them and act in accordance with their wisdom.

MARS and VENUS are traveling very close now, and will come together in an exact conjunction tomorrow evening. The masculine and feminine are healing any “Great-Divides.”

  owl-171646_1920May the blessings of all ALL SAINTS DAYS, through time, be with you, like grandma in your pocket, whispering in your ear, this way, for the wisest gentlest path, this way. Hold love and clear intention, this way. gentle love clear intention this way. All can rise in the spiral of life, this way.