October 31, 2015 – Ancestral Water – Happy Howl-O-Ween! – OaaaoooooooWWW!!

The spider web is less a scarry symbol of scarry spiders, and more a symbol of the intense awareness of our weaving of time and life. As the veil things, we can see the bones of what we are weaving. The shadows and the gouls come out of the closet. We shed them. We see the essential truth within us, in the face of all else. We are naked weavers of time. The web holds our mystery in its symbol. Lets not lose the depth of these symbols in Halloween madness, rather shine the soulful wisdom through it.

 MOON enters Cancer the sign of the mother of all that is, pre-dawn this morning: [at 2:09 am pdt/ 3:09 am mdt/ 4:09 am cdt/ 5:09 am edt] the Great Mother is watching over us this Halloween.

All Hallows eve is always the time when the “veils are known to become thin,” and we can “see” beyond the physical world. Perhaps it goes along with the trees dropping their leaves and becoming more “bare.” In the cold, waning solar light, we all become a little more “bare,” in our experience. Perhaps we feel a little more exposed, like the bare trees, before the cloak of snow has arrived, there is a nakedness in the seasonal shifting. (and a nakedness within us).

This nakedness is fun to “cover up,” with our costume of choice. Behind the “veil” of a costume, we can hide our nakedness for a moment and don a fun expressive character. It is a paradox, to unveil such a tender delicate soulful time, into a masked Halloween Costume. woman-nakedMontStMichelelookingcastle

If this time were to wear a costume what might it look like? I imagine it would be cosmic and eco, tender hearted and naked, while nourishing with the light of essential truths that bubble up from naked places.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [at 2:43 pm pdt/ 3:43 pm mdt/ 4:43 pm cdt/ 5:43 pm edt] is a call to tune into the river of our ancestors, our grandmothers and their grandmothers. For the deep water river of today is a connection to the ancestral fabric of our bloodlines and spiritual lineages, through time.

woman-shyGreenClothA modern-day jedi trick is to simultaneously host the deep soulful contact with ancient ones, and the barren exposed naked truth-telling time, with the fun, entertainment and revelry that comes with dressing up and playing characters! Can we hold our deep soulfulness within an external playful joy, in costume?

SUN in Scorpio (of every imagined scarry thing)–Halloween would only happen in a Scorpio season!!! Meanwhile what are the deep and soulful expressions of things that can become minimized by the shadowy mass-halloween trance?

If I were to add a letter to the holy day, I would add W to make it more holy! It would become HOWL-O-Ween! Aooooooooooooo!  winter-wolf HOWLMay you howl in honor of your soul. May you howl in honor of your essential truth and its ability to focus on only what is necessary to its forward motion or its goal. (its purpose). This is a time of Scorpionic Focus! Don’t be distracted when you need to focus!

May you Howl with your Inner Wolves this Howl-o-Ween! And may the inner howls carry your most passionate wild creativity to the page, land and frame. Goddess bless the inner river of ancestral love and wisdom. May we ride it to our fruited mastery, soulfully purposefully riding the river of time. (never distracted by the superfiality of a distracting culture)–able to bring our depth and soulfuness into any situation!

From one bare naked bones to another! Truly may you be blessed in the dark times, with innocence and trust, letting go of all that “falls away like leaves,” . . . .

Happy Howl O Weeeeeeeen!!!! Aoooooooooooo! Aooooooooooooooo!



October 30, 2015 – Overcoming Creative Obstacles

MOON, still in airy Gemini, SQUARES JUPITER, our expansive friend [at 2:49 am pdt/ 3:49 am mdt/ 4:49 am cdt/ 5:49 am edt] – inviting boy-supermanshirtcollaborative S-T-R-E-T-C-H oh so early in the morning. Clear Communications and Clear Intention will be the secret key of today. (especially when it comes to tenderly asking for what we need to thrive in our lives)

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [at 5:04 am pdt/ 6:04 am mdt/ 7:04 am cdt/ 8:04 am edt] is another wave that feels like we have a personal “magic wand,” in our hand. We do. Our mind is like a magic wand, able to manifest in a single thought. paris-D'arc

MOON SQUARE VENUS [at 9:49 am pdt/ 10:49 am mdt/ 11:49 am cdt/ 12:49 pm edt] ~ Is a feminine challenge. Like Joan of arc faced outrageous odds, and “listened to a voice of leadership within,” so to can we, even in the face of challenges of all kinds.

MOON SQUARE MARS [at 12:24 pm pdt/ 1:24 pm mdt/ 2:24 pm cdt/ 3:24 pm edt] is a traction action passion tension. A request for right action and right relationship is on the table. Can we meet it with our own inner integrity intact? Breathing into the center of earth and through all of our chakra’s to the center of Heaven is a good way to anchor amidst stormy waters of thought.

SUN TRINE NEPTUNE [at 2:06 pm pdt/ 3:06 pm mdt/ 4:06 pm cdt/ 5:06 pm edt] is a flow of grace, into the tension points of the morning. Grace is available in a single thought, breath and meditation option. Singing and Dancing is a rising into the flow of Neptune’s grace, riding it. success-846055_1920

MOON TRINE MERCURY [at 7:52 pm pdt/ 8:52 pm mdt/ 9:52 pm cdt/ 10:52 pm edt]. An outlandish thought, a giggle, or a smile can turn our world upside down or right side up. May we offer each other the wonders of life: smiles, romance, glow and sharing of essence. Essence is an emanation of our “essential core truth.” May we shine!

This is a great time to communicate with others! Its a wonderful Friday night!



October 29, 2015 – Collective Shift – Big Communications Work

tibet-694652_1280MOON In Gemini, finally grounded after yesterday’s VOID is a fast-paced, getting stuff done day maker!

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN at 5:41 am pdt/ 6:41 am mdt/ 7:41 am cdt/ 8:41 am edt – the morning begins with a dose of the right kind of authority. Our inner guidance is speaking. We can listen to our inner authority all day long. Even if we are challenged in this inner authority, we can silently “know,” what we “know,” inside.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [at 11:10 am pdt/ 12:10 pm mdt/ 1:10 pm cdt/ 2:10pm edt] ~ Sometimes we need to operate “in the unkonwn,” and that is ok. We can still move forward in the unknown, through agreements, allyship and communications! (all flexible through time)

Between our small personal intimate MOON and the Great Big SATURN and NEPTUNE, there is the field for a personal to collective SHIFT!

. . . . . .

Astrology School Update: We’re finalizing details and a new team will be releasing registration details to the new first class in Soul Workers Astrology School ~ Stay Tuned here.

October 28, 2015 – Love and Money VOID ~

Magical Morning traction into Afternoon VOID ~ Early in the morning–BEFORE: [8:20 am PDT/11:20 am EDT]–is a great time to get good admin or worldly work done. ~ After 8:20 am pdt, the VOID energy is fluid, changeable and flexible.

scenic-redSunsetRoadPre-dawn, we are being lifted. We are up-lifted, shined, radiant, glowing, with Jupiter’s gifts in our field. We are lucky, and filled with divine presence as a result of our in-between Tuesday and Wednesday’s sleep.

Jupiter has a special radiance the planetary angel shares with us when aspects are near, especially the personal MOON! MOON TRINE JUPITER [at 12:49 am pdt/ 1:49 am mdt/ 2:49 am cdt/ 3:49 am edt].

MOON TRINE VENUS [at 4:22 am pdt/ 5:22 am mdt/ 6:22 am cdt/ 7:22 am edt] – is an early GirlEmpoweredFULLMOONdancemorning feminine magic tea time–early morning hour .. . magic time. THis MOON TRINE is with magical FULL MOON fruition light. We can have instant manifestation (feelings of that–although things may have been percolating for a long time)–we can manifest them instantly this morning before [8:20 am PDT/ 9:20 am MDT/ 10:20 am CDT/ 11:20 am EDT]

MOON TRINE MARS is a masculine traction trine–[8:20 am PDT/ 9:20 am MDT/ 10:20 am CDT/ 11:20 am EDT] showing the morning as a space for a wonderful renovation of an old to-do list. With MOON heading into the VOID, its not a time to relate directly with the world, but to be in the “cauldron of  planning,” in the flexible space of brainstorming and draft one calendar planning–the kind you change a few times before it is anchored.

Inside the butterflies cocoon, pre-emergence, the “imaginal cells,” join together to take root, innocently poke heads out of old soil, and collaborate on a new world together. . . . it is a truly magical time. . . .

This is one of those shape-shifter, change-maker days, where in the VOID, from 8:20 am PDT through 11:24 pm pdt, We have a magical void in which flexible consciousness is our friend, and we can fluidly make and break plans, build a draft one and then remake it in draft two. 

This is a multiple draft day.

MOON enters Gemini [at 11:24 pm pdt/ 12:24 am mdt/ 1:24 am cdt/ 2:24 am edt–late night.] ~ Late tonight we have worldly traction again after the slippery changeable VOID energy! This VOID is magical, however not so worldly.

Those “in the know,” know that the secret above magic phrase–is the most powerful phrase on earth!

Late at night, by writing, to honor the wordy-gemini part of us, we can write what happened in today’s magical VOID, grounding it from magic to reality. May we write our invisible soul’s yearnings, into being. Tonight is a magical writing night. late night writing magic!



October 27, 2015 – Happy Super Moon in Taurus! Grounding that Opens a Doorway of New Healing, New Teaching, and New Mysteries to Unfurl ~

NightGirlFULL MOON in Taurus is at 5:05 am pdt/ 6:05 am mdt/ 7:05 am cdt/ 8:05 am edt] is a season of being gifted and gifting in the physical world. We are sensual physical creatures. We can give gifts, solve mysteries together and share in pleasurable experiences. These things are ours with our Sun in Scorpionic Penetrating Focus of attention and power.

What is a SUPER FULL MOON! Basically that means this is a SUPER POWERFUL and highly charged personal and emotional FULL MOON! For a few different reasons, this MOON is coming with a lot of powers for us! It is as if DIVINE FORCES, come closer to us than usual and we have an opportunity to receive, harness and transform in the light of these divine forces!!

This FULL MOON is a Harvest Opportunity! The Harvest Season was eclipsed by an eclipse cycle of intense Death and Clearing of Lifetimes-Old Karma. We are still clearing life-times old karma. Sometimes one simple memory, image, or happening can archetypally show us the “deeper story,” we are working to clean, clear, and re-align.

When the SUN, crosses the realm of Scorpio, (or any planet goes there,) or we have an 8th house encounter. We are meeting our raw power. Our ability to have life, to have sex, to have money and to thrive or not. We are given the same body, breath, intention-making options and etheric field as everyone else. We choose how we focus our attention, and our power.

tube-SEaThe SUN in Scorpio season calls us to focus on our deepest places of power, transformation, healing art and money-making life-giving things!!

As the MOON rises to OPPOSE THIS MOST POTENT power-seeing SUN, seeing shadow, seeing the under-belly, cleaning, clearing, releasing, and focusing on the sprouts breaking through, we–too can let go of the past, the old stories and the old karmic ties that we’ve had with others that may have been anything but thriving examples of collaborative humanness. We need to “let go,” of old consciousness–this is a jedi-mind-trick on ourselves. How do you let go?

seedling-695138_1920the New Consciousness is like clean green new sprouts that break through the old dirty karma-ridden stories. The New Sprouts are up and coming even in the composting old reactions, shedding consciousness, and outdated judgements. The old stories while dying, and composting are hosting a new plant–our pregnant creative self. What is inside that is growing? In each consciousness, the sprout is a little different, pushing through its compostable consciousness.

VENUS OPPOSITE CHIRON [at 7:07 am pdt/ 8:07 am mdt/ 9:07 am cdt/ 10:07 edt] is a place of deep wounding opening up to us, to be healed. Our deepest feminine places have seen pain, touched hurts, and those nerve-endings have stories, communications and experiences to bubble up and share. When we allow the stories, the images, the memories and our sensations, to “bubble up,” and share themselves in the light of our tender caring attention, they become jewels of insight, can transform into deep places of teaching, revelation and even sexual healing. MOONGirlBUtterflies out of belly

Since the personal emotional moon is FULL, we are close to our very personal emotional stories. We can touch the deepest hurts with soothing, listening ears, caring eyes and water of soul-life. Soothing healing attention from each other, to our deepest places can create miracles today in this Full Moon light. (especially miracles on behalf of the deep feminine).

There is a deep feminine shift, that involves the maturing of our soul. This is a cycle peak that invites a deeper and truer expression of our inner sacred heart in relationship, in art, in money, in generosity and in the flow of life force in our lives that we share with others. We can heal the blockages and wounds with the miracles that appear today. Miracles in Consciousness!

There is also a deep masculine shift as MARS is also in this OPPOSITION with CHIRON, although it peaked a few days ago.

VENUS and MARS come together in a healing union (CONJUNCT) on Monday November 2nd.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [at 10:31 am pdt/ 11:31 am mdt/ 12:31 pm cdt/ 1:31 pm edt] is a divine flow within us! we are chimed in on by the Divine Flow of Grace that can enter our lives at any moment, its a good time to ask for what we deeply want and need. May we allow this flow of grace to bless us in the deep places we are seeing in each other and ourselves. Cleansing our deepest stories with love, acceptance, forgiveness and healing.

VENUS INCONJUNCT URANUS [at 6:23 pm pdt/ 7:23 pm mdt/ 8:23 pm cdt/ 9:23 pm edt] could be an energy “zap,” of transformation that shakes us out of “every-day consciousness,” and into something unusual–perhaps even awkward to explain. Love is a funny thing. It comes mysteriously from within and without and touches us in all kinds of ways, in all kinds of places. Be ready to be touched by love–so much you don’t know what to do. Ask to be opened, freed and blessed by the forces of universal love. It is coming!

MOON TRINE PLUTO [at 8:15 pm pdt/ 9:15 pm mdt/ 10:15 cdt/ 11:15 edt] is a personal power moment of achievement, stand-strong, break-through, understanding, revelation and elevation of our own power. We have our own power in our hands. We can change or manifest ANYTHING.

In this FULL MOON light–there is so much POWER. After letting go of so much, ego, death, people from the past, we are being handed new light, new life and new energies. We have a new rebirth here in the same life! This FULL MOON hands us our own power. Something we’ve been hiding perhaps, or hiding from.

kissbirdsFULLMOONVENUS is rising in her new cycle and we’re a good dose into the First Trimester of the New Leo Venus Cycle of 9 months of birthing. Something is rising in us to be expressed, created or shared. We are here to shine our gifts. We are a little ways in,  . . . to sharing something magnificent. May we allow the gifts of this FULL MOON light to unfurl, flower and authentically bring us our own gifts, to share.

May we share our gifts when we have the power to share them. May we use power well. May we utilize this opportunity well. May we focus on our deepest joys, and soul-knowings. May we listen well and follow the thread we are on, with devotion and self love to our soul’s need to focus at this time and hone, sharpen and release all that is not on the path ahead of us.


The power of eternal mysteries abound. We are awakening inside of a fabric of mysteries, secret puzzles with keys and stories that open to healings, enlightenings and new soul story-matter. We are unearthing our own soul-delights from centuries of dark heavy grey unloving thoughts that have covered the psyches of humanity. The psyches are being cleared, enlightened and librated. May we transform well in this mysterious time!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

School letters one by one emerging out of the mystery, announcing new programs!