October 31, 2015 – Ancestral Water – Happy Howl-O-Ween! – OaaaoooooooWWW!!

The spider web is less a scarry symbol of scarry spiders, and more a symbol of the intense awareness of our weaving of time and life. As the veil things, we can see the bones of what we are weaving. The shadows and the gouls come out of the closet. We shed them. We see the essential truth within us, in the face of all else. We are naked weavers of time. The web holds our mystery in its symbol. Lets not lose the depth of these symbols in Halloween madness, rather shine the soulful wisdom through it.

 MOON enters Cancer the sign of the mother of all that is, pre-dawn this morning: [at 2:09 am pdt/ 3:09 am mdt/ 4:09 am cdt/ 5:09 am edt] the Great Mother is watching over us this Halloween.

All Hallows eve is always the time when the “veils are known to become thin,” and we can “see” beyond the physical world. Perhaps it goes along with the trees dropping their leaves and becoming more “bare.” In the cold, waning solar light, we all become a little more “bare,” in our experience. Perhaps we feel a little more exposed, like the bare trees, before the cloak of snow has arrived, there is a nakedness in the seasonal shifting. (and a nakedness within us).

This nakedness is fun to “cover up,” with our costume of choice. Behind the “veil” of a costume, we can hide our nakedness for a moment and don a fun expressive character. It is a paradox, to unveil such a tender delicate soulful time, into a masked Halloween Costume. woman-nakedMontStMichelelookingcastle

If this time were to wear a costume what might it look like? I imagine it would be cosmic and eco, tender hearted and naked, while nourishing with the light of essential truths that bubble up from naked places.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [at 2:43 pm pdt/ 3:43 pm mdt/ 4:43 pm cdt/ 5:43 pm edt] is a call to tune into the river of our ancestors, our grandmothers and their grandmothers. For the deep water river of today is a connection to the ancestral fabric of our bloodlines and spiritual lineages, through time.

woman-shyGreenClothA modern-day jedi trick is to simultaneously host the deep soulful contact with ancient ones, and the barren exposed naked truth-telling time, with the fun, entertainment and revelry that comes with dressing up and playing characters! Can we hold our deep soulfulness within an external playful joy, in costume?

SUN in Scorpio (of every imagined scarry thing)–Halloween would only happen in a Scorpio season!!! Meanwhile what are the deep and soulful expressions of things that can become minimized by the shadowy mass-halloween trance?

If I were to add a letter to the holy day, I would add W to make it more holy! It would become HOWL-O-Ween! Aooooooooooooo!  winter-wolf HOWLMay you howl in honor of your soul. May you howl in honor of your essential truth and its ability to focus on only what is necessary to its forward motion or its goal. (its purpose). This is a time of Scorpionic Focus! Don’t be distracted when you need to focus!

May you Howl with your Inner Wolves this Howl-o-Ween! And may the inner howls carry your most passionate wild creativity to the page, land and frame. Goddess bless the inner river of ancestral love and wisdom. May we ride it to our fruited mastery, soulfully purposefully riding the river of time. (never distracted by the superfiality of a distracting culture)–able to bring our depth and soulfuness into any situation!

From one bare naked bones to another! Truly may you be blessed in the dark times, with innocence and trust, letting go of all that “falls away like leaves,” . . . .

Happy Howl O Weeeeeeeen!!!! Aoooooooooooo! Aooooooooooooooo!