October 29, 2015 – Collective Shift – Big Communications Work

tibet-694652_1280MOON In Gemini, finally grounded after yesterday’s VOID is a fast-paced, getting stuff done day maker!

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN at 5:41 am pdt/ 6:41 am mdt/ 7:41 am cdt/ 8:41 am edt – the morning begins with a dose of the right kind of authority. Our inner guidance is speaking. We can listen to our inner authority all day long. Even if we are challenged in this inner authority, we can silently “know,” what we “know,” inside.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [at 11:10 am pdt/ 12:10 pm mdt/ 1:10 pm cdt/ 2:10pm edt] ~ Sometimes we need to operate “in the unkonwn,” and that is ok. We can still move forward in the unknown, through agreements, allyship and communications! (all flexible through time)

Between our small personal intimate MOON and the Great Big SATURN and NEPTUNE, there is the field for a personal to collective SHIFT!

. . . . . .

Astrology School Update: We’re finalizing details and a new team will be releasing registration details to the new first class in Soul Workers Astrology School ~ Stay Tuned here.