October 24, 2015 – Unusual Actions in the Magical Void ~

In a deep healing of inner masculine – we can deeply soulfully nourish ourselves in today’s VOID – all day!

MOON OPPOSITE MARS, water to earth is a grounded dose of food, water and human management. We are all little bundles of fluid and we all need unique kinds of care and watering–feeding, nourishing and bathing. Each of us is unique in what feels “nourishing to us,” . . . . today is a day to indulge in whatever nourishes you most.

MOON enters the VOID early in the morning with this opposition of nourishment!blossom-320910_1280 Void [at 4:16 am, pdt/ 5:16 am mdt/ 6:16 am cdt/ 7:16 am edt]

MOON departs the VOID [at 11:21 pm pdt/ 12:21 pm mdt/ 1:21 pm cdt/ 2:21 pm edt] entering Aries. It enters the fiery heart of a radical day tomorrow, the beginning of everything–Aries energy pushes us, like fools, flowerr-PrayingMantisCloseArmsUpoff of edifice’s we built just so we could leap from them, into the VOID of the heart’s most pure potential, unfolding with the magical syncronistic activations the fabric of life provides for us.

We may not be loved in the way we want by every human being, and we may not have all the money we want, or all the shiny things, and the “powers of the universe,” love us so much they will give us whatever is truly in our heart, as long as we can, touch the essence of that pure desire.

poppy-InsideWhat do we most desire in our lives? May we touch that vulnerable soft wise place, asking, What is it my dear? What is next?

Tomorrow has a magical abundant beauty presence that is inescapably dazzling and filled with money, love and the grace, good luck and blessings of Jupiter in Love.

. . . . .

We have the power to push through any soil, stone or rock, to flower, flower flower our light light light of soul soul soul. We are filled with light and luck!

. . . . . . 

school update : pushing up through the concrete walls and . . .

here it comes . . .. . with surprises, gifts and a whole new schedule to jump into! <3